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Early Morning Rebel's "Shallow Breath" inspired by The Smiths, 'Goodbye Horses,' and great American murder ballads.

Early Morning Rebel (L-R): Dustin Bath, Nathan Blumenfeld-James | Photo Credit: Jonathan Belda


See and hear “Shallow Breath” courtesy of Esquire and Nylon Guys

See and hear “War On Love” courtesy of Diffuser.fm and Buzzbands.LA

Hear “Howl At The Moon” courtesy of Crave



“Shallow Breath” is taken from the “Life Boat EP” by Early Morning Rebel



“The melodies are infectious and we can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP.” – Nylon Guys

“Solemn, evocative pop.” – Buzzbands.la

The dark pop of Los Angeles-based trio Early Morning Rebel generated lots of attention in 2013 after its single “Life Boat” was featured on “Grey’s Anatomy” the previous year.  “It’s easy to hear why this LA band’s aching ballad has provided a salve on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’” said People Magazine at the time.  Immersed in fashion, art, and music in L.A., producers and musicians Nathan Blumenfeld-JamesDustin Bath and Joshua Mervin are also filmmakers who produce, directed, and edit their own music videos.

“Dustin and I have been working in TV, film, photography, fashion, and music simultaneously for our entire career,” saysEarly Morning Rebel vocalist Nathan Blumenfeld-James.  Growing up in L.A., we began making short films and shooting videos  in high school. We have accumulated so much gear over the years that we have the freedom to shoot what we want, when we want.  If we have an idea for a video, we shoot it. We don’t have to bounce our ideas off of suits.”  One example of this kind of quick turnaround on inspiration is “Shallow Breath,” taken from Early Morning Rebel’s just-released EP. 

It’s “a forbidden love song inspired by The Smiths‘Goodbye Horses,’ and great American murder ballads,” explainsBlumenfeld-James.  The video, recently premiered via Esquire, is even more beguiling.  “It’s a love story between a girl and a skeleton.  It reveals how this girl experiences intimacy. The skeleton singing to her is a look into what she fantasizes about.”  Blumenfeld-James confesses that he hopes a singing skeleton adds a quirky element to the clip as well.

Referred to as “A track of hopeless beauty” by USA Today“Life Boat” is the title track of the new EP by Early Morning Rebel.  Following the use of the song on “Grey’s Anatomy,” the band became a go-to group in the fashion world when it was discovered that their style extended beyond their sound.  Early Morning Rebel was soon invited to perform at fashion weeks in New York, London and Paris, making fans of celebrities such as Drew BarrymoreOrlando Bloom, and Kirsten Dunst along the way, and racking up press from the likes of DetailsBlackBook, and Vogue Italia among others.

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