Wednesday, May 7, 2014

David Buckley Borden Announces "Wild West at Bodega" Exhibit May 17th - August 31st in Boston

Boston, Mass - David Buckley Borden is delighted to announce his exhibition, Wild West at BDGA and its opening reception on Saturday, May 17th, 7-9PM, at Boston’s Bodega Store located at 6 Clearway Street, Boston, Mass.

Wild West at BDGA is a multi-disciplinary art and design installation focused on America’s conflicted relationship with its landscape and natural resources. The installation sets aside the popular narrative of inflated romance and violence associated with young America’s western frontier experience for a narrative that instead positions the “Wild West” in terms of regional landscape ecology.

There are troubling parallels to the Old West, however. The ecological Wild West of today, like that of yesteryear’s Wild Wild West, is marred by violence, conquest, and unchecked exploitation. The critical difference is that the stakes are exponentially higher and operate on a regional scale with both local and global environmental impact.

The installation’s research-based work includes maps, drawings, prints and a variety of crossdisciplinary collaborations to illustrate species extinction, resource scarcity, chronic landscape disturbances, and the destruction of critical ecological systems within the contiguous United States. Specifically, the work considers current environmental issues such as water rights, fracking, mega-droughts, industrial livestock agriculture, road ecology, and more. The exhibition runs from May 17 to August 31st.

David Buckley Borden is a New England artist and landscape designer with a creative practice focused at the intersection of landscape, art and cultural event. David’s practice includes a variety of creative work ranging from landscape installations to pen and ink drawings to silkscreen prints covering an even greater variety of interests in landscape architecture, ecology, cartography, land use history, and the past, present and future challenges to the lands of North America. David, the 2014 Trifecta Editions Artist-in-Residence, can be found at Eagle Lake in Ticonderoga, NY this summer building a series of woodland-ecology inspired landscape installations.

Select work from "Wild West at BDGA" can be viewed at:

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