Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Walking Shapes Reveal "Horse" Video w/ SPIN, Launch BitTorrent Bundle

SPIN Premieres New Walking Shapes Video,

“Horse” (watch it 

 Band’s New Album Mixtape (Volume 1) Available Now

as FREE Download on

and Launching Today on BitTorrent Bundles (here)

“...strikingly sleek, spacey, and sensual.” – Bushwick Daily

“Catchy-as-hell guitar licks contrasted nicely with the slight off-kilterness of spacey synths and sometimes airy/sometimes booming vocals." - CMJ

"The exotic tempo, heavy bass and out-there execution of the track seems to mimic the likes of Radiohead’s song '15 Step,' with a more personal South American flavor and a less brainy and more 'psych' attitude." The Deli
“Horse”, the latest offering from New York’s Walking Shapes, is a beautifully poignant video charting the fate of two opposing factions in their quest for schoolyard survival. The video premiered on Spin magazine yesterday.
Walking Shapes was formed by way of mountains, and through the tides of the city. Their musical histories extend somewhere between the secret valleys of the Balkan Mountains, the theatre stages of Broadway, and sound chambers in the depths of SoHo. Featuring Nathaniel Hoho on vocals and guitar; Jesse Kotansky on guitar, violin, vocals ; Jake Generalli on keys, vocals; Dan Krysa on bass and vocals; and Christopher Heinz on drums, Walking Shapes meld driving guitars, intricate arrangements and visually evocative songwriting into stunning audio refractions on New York’s sonic landscape.
Following the release of the band’s debut single “Pusher,” This is Fake DIY described the single as “slick, well-produced pop loaded with intelligent lines, unconventional structures, and big, bold melancholic lyrics.” Blah Blah Blah Science, on the other hand, draws parallels to Radiohead, ”if instead of being ‘really into’ Flying Lotus and bowler hats, Thom Yorke hung out more at the beach.” The band’s full-length album, Mixtape Vol. 1, was released on No Shame this past summer, and is available on their website (here).
Directed by Eamon O’Rourke, the video features a scrappy yet brave group of prepubescent rebels who mete out their own form of justice on a set of playground bullies. “The video is about the dichotomy of the world, and politics, squashed into a playground setting,” explains Jesse. Walking Shapes was thrilled to work with a talented crew of young actors to make the video, including Lucia Ryan (female lead) who is part of a film production company called Peanut Blooder & Jelly Studiosfive New Jersey kids between 8 and 12 who make horror flicks, and who just launched a Kickstarter video to raise money for their upcoming movie, “Ring Around the Rosy”. Check out the Peanut Blooder & Jelly Studios Kickstarter campaign here.
"Making the ‘Horse’ music video was fun because the misfits fought back,” said Lucia, noting also that  "I loved working on the ‘Horse’ music video because I learned so many things about making a movie.  When I was running in the video they used a dolly, and we use a dolly wagon when we shoot our horror scenes!"

Walking Shapes Releases BitTorrent Bundle
To celebrate the release of “Horse”, and to prepare for their new album, to be released in early 2014, Walking Shapes has just released their first album, Mixtape Vol.1 as a BitTorrent Bundle (HERE), using the new BitTorrent for Publishers platform. Curious music lovers can grab the bundle, which features 13 tracks, as well as the video for both “Horse” and their previous video, “Keep”, which is available for viewing here.

Watch for a NEW ALBUM from Walking Shapes in early 2014.

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