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Skindred Announce New Album - Kill The Power - 2/18/14 Release


North American Tour Planned For Early 2014
New York – November 25, 2013 – Widely acknowledged as one of the most devastating and enthralling live bands on the planet,Skindred have been a perennial force for musical invention and remorseless positivity, Over the course of four universally praised studio albums – Babylon (2002), Roots Rock Riot (2007), Shark Bites And Dog Fights (2009) and Union Black (2011) – Skindred’s reputation for producing the ultimate spark-spraying state-of-the-art soundclash, combining all manner of seemingly disparate musical elements into an irresistibly exhilarating explosion of energy and cross-pollinated cultural fervour has rightly earned them a reputation as a band capable of uniting people from all corners of the globe and making every last one of them tear up the dancefloor.
Last year alone, the band performed to audiences of over 2 million and made their Reading/Leeds festival debut on the main stage.  With their unique blend of rock, metal, reggae, roots and dub they are in a class of their own.  Skindred will release their eagerly awaited new studio album, Kill The Power on February 18th 2014 in North America On Red River Entertainment distributed by Sony/RED.
In keeping with their tradition of making people move while singing about universal issues and spreading a message of positive action and social unity, their new album is bulging with fury at the state of the modern world. Kill The Power takes Skindred to new extremes at both ends of the lyrical spectrum, reaching a new level of fiery intensity on the lethal cautionary tale of “Playin’ With The Devil” and the euphoric end-of-the-working-week celebration of “Saturday”: both songs proving that this band’s ability to touch the heart and fire the blood remains as incisive and potent as ever.
As if to enhance their songwriting chops more than ever, Kill The Power also features several songs written in collaboration with legendary songwriting guru Russ Ballard, the man behind such immortal rock staples as “Since You’ve Been Gone” and “God Gave Rock & Roll To You”, and this seemingly perverse team-up has led to Skindred’s finest set of lyrics and melodies to date.
The title track from the album, is also the first single and video. Skindred took to the streets and slums of India to film the clip which Revolver Magazine has premiered this morning:
“We’ve delivered an album that’s gonna make people rock for the next few years,” states Benji. “You know what? I can’t do anything about record sales, but if people come to a Skindred show they’re gonna know they’ve been there, you know? Ha ha! The music we make is not about Christians or Muslims, straight people or gay people, black or white or any of that shit. When people are in that room together it’s just Skindred, one unity and one strength!”
Having conquered numerous countries around the world, Skindred will set their sights again on North America in 2014 with multiple tours in the works.  The band could easily be taking a breather and resting on their laurels at this point. Instead, this most dedicated and hard-working act are preparing to launch their most exuberant assault on the world ever when Kill The Power hits the streets. Anyone that has ever seen the band live before will confirm that it is impossible not to get fired up and drawn into the joyous abandon of a Skindred show and with their greatest album to date primed and ready to explode, the best live band on the planet simply cannot fail to conquer the entire world this time round.  You’ve been warned.
Skindred Are:
Benji Webbe (Vocals)
Dan Pugsley (Bass)
Mikey Demus (Guitar)
Arya           (Drums)

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