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ATL psych-rap duo The Difference Machine shares video at Potholes in my Blog! RIYL: Deltron 3030, Edan, DJ Shadow, Kool Keith, Jel, MF DOOM

Atlanta psychedelic hip-hop outfit The Difference Machine shares
new video; debut LP out now via Psych Army Intergalactic

Full album streaming at Beats Per Minute

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"Futuristic Blast" via Potholes In My Blog

View the video for "So Hip" by clicking here or below:

"The songs on The Psychedelic Sounds Of The Difference Machine unspool in fantastic ways, with instruments and melodies quickly jumping into the mix before leaving just as abruptly.  The album has close ties to hip-hop but also to the unpredictable nature of psych rock and the decade which birthed it.  There is a sense of creative spontaneity that develops over the course of the record and allows the listener to become enmeshed in its immediacy before they realize it." - Beats Per Minute

The Difference Machine is comprised of Dr. Conspiracy and DT. The teaming up of these two has led to the creation of an album that is set apart from any “ordinary patterns and structures.” Looking through the histories of these artists and you’ll find two resumes in Atlanta that run nearly parallel in timing and impact. DT, of Clan Destined, found hip-hop through his cousins, who also taught him to freestyle and make beats. Dr. Conspiracy, whose father was a musician, grew up playing drums in various bands. They both came to Atlanta looking to weave themselves in the city’s hip-hop fabric. DT studied under Machine Drum and Vinyl Junkies, while Dr. Conspiracy was with Zone 7 and Expatriots, learning the art and craft of creating, not just absorbing, hip-hop.
Since coming together to perform their first show with Kool Keith in June, 2012, The Difference Machine has toured with Del the Funky Homosapien, opened for Ghostface Killah and were awarded a spot in 2014’s CounterPoint Fest after winning the Creative Loafing Throwdown competition.
When discussing their musical influences, both point out that friends and family members opened them up to new music including eletronic and hip-hop. Dr. Conspiracy, however, can pinpoint the turning point in his life to the time he and two friends encountered an alien space craft in north Georgia. After that, he began having vivid dreams where aliens and demons led him to strange corridors where music he had never heard before would be playing. It was these dreams that later influenced the music he created for The Difference Machine. DT claims he had very similar dreams, though they had not met by that time. Instead of music, however, he heard echoing words in the corridors. He later included these words to the lyrics in The Difference Machine songs.

Upcoming Performances:
11/25 - 529 (Atlanta) w/ Al Lover
11/26 - Emerald Lounge (Asheville, NC) w/ Al Lover

The Difference Machine live performances are events to witness—Radley Fricker plays drums, Mike “The Kill Fist” Mosca does additional programming, Dr. Conspiracy pumps out the beat and DT raps, freestyles, cuts and works a delay peddle for his vocals—an effect rarely seen hip-hop groups.
After years of putting in work and seeing all the angles of the hip-hop scene, Conspiracy and DT are primed to have a big impact and are ready to open up the audience to a new wavelength of life and music.

Artist -  The Difference Machine
Album The Psychedelic Sounds of the Difference Machine
Release Date - November 5, 2013
Label -  Psych Army Intergalactic Records
01. Intro
02. Futuristic Blast
03. Live in Head
04. Diamonda
05. Marvel
06. 1000 Guitars
07. 19 Miles
08. Scorpions
09. Machinnerlude
10. Psychology
11. Pay Something
12. So Hip
13. New Pharoah
14. Another Time Loop
15. Trip to Heaven
16. The Awakening
Psych Army online

The Difference Machine on Facebook

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