Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Deltahorse releases debut EP today, streaming at The Big Takeover | RIYL: Beck, David Bowie, Morphine, Leonard Cohen

Alt-blues trio The Deltahorse
releases debut EP today!

Stream the entire EP here 
via The Big Takeover

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"The Guy Who Walks Away"


The Deltahorse is a new indie music project consisting of three members who have never been together at the same place at the same time. The band features Sydneyʼs singer-songwriter TJ Eckleberg and is helmed by Berlin-based founder Sash and Bostonʼs Dana Colley, former saxophonist of Morphine.
Being anything but the typical alternative rock band, The Deltahorse pushes a rather distinctive sound. Anchored by thundering bass lines, Colleyʼs thick, gritty electric baritone saxophone riffs create a wall of sound and wildly careen into Sashʼs lo-fi slide guitar and Ecklebergʼs dry vocals and wry lyrics. It is poetry steeped in blues and alternative rock – energetic, glimmering in the darkness, twisting its way between resignation and hope.
Listen to lead track "Hey Yuri"

In late 2011, The Deltahorse founder Sash began writing songs that were inspired by Colleyʼs characteristic style. “Being a huge fan of Danaʼs, I was at first just borrowing from his spirit. I started by laying down imaginary sax lines, which I hoped Dana would consider cool. We hadnʼt actually been in touch at this stage, but I can verify that Dana was a member of this project way before he knew it,” Sash jokes. Their first meeting turned out to be a last call decision. Learning too late that Colley was playing a show in Slovakia the very next day led to renting a car straight away and racing through three countries in less than 9 hours – whizzing past radars with a puzzled dog in the backseat (Sorry, dog!).
In 2012, Sash ran into TJ, who had just relocated from Sydney to Berlin. Due to Ecklebergʼs huge contribution to the songs, the duo then focused their efforts on a more poetry-driven style. As Sash describes, “I instantly fell in love with TJʼs poetry. Heʼs a great songwriter and storyteller. TJʼs lyrics inject a very special story into each song and they fuel the imagination. His dry, laid-back vocals ride perfectly on top of The Deltahorseʼs energetic sound. The Deltahorse carves out a sound that is dirty, with balls, body and soul being well in balance – music for a night in a shady bar with a glass of whiskey and a sexy woman in your arms.” 

Artist: The Deltahorse
Album: The Deltahorse EP
Label: Self-released
Release date: November 19, 2013
RIYL: Beck, David Bowie, Morphine, Leonard Cohen

1) Hey Yuri
Willy Brown

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