Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Debut deadCAT LP out today via Psych Army; streaming at Impose // RIYL: Battles, Zorch, Doldrums

Atlanta noise-pop outfit deadCAT releases debut
LP today via Psych Army Intergalactic

Stream the full album via IMPOSE

NEW: "Cents"
"Glossolalia" via Ad Hoc

"Throughout Transientualism deadCAT set off triggers that resonate as textural braille in sound. On album opener "Glossolalia" and "Eggs at Roach Denny's", the jazz n' bop cues hints of Battles' experimental robo-rock rolling atop the abstract meditations of Thundercat. Take the comparisons as merely suggestions for the sake of familiarity. By "Mustard Tiger", deadCAT have tapped into the freak pop of Dead Gaze, while "Cents" bears kinship withJamaican Queens' grimey Midwest afro-beat." - IMPOSE

"six EPs under their belt already, it seems like the perfect moment for Atlanta-based psych weirdos deadCAT to drop their first full length,Transientualism. The trio has just shared the first taste of their upcoming release, “Glossolalia"-- a track with such strange intricacy that it demands multiple replays. deadCAT's music is marked by synth work and Britt Teusink's spaced out vocals set over an abrasive rhythm section; a blending of sounds that a create a bizarre and satisfying whole." Ad Hoc

deadCAT was formed in a moldy basement in Edgewood, Atlanta, in 2011 by Britt Teusink (vocals, programming, synthesizer), Eric Grantham (drums, programming) and Gage Gilmore (bass, synthesizer). Since its inception the band has received numerous accolades, including being named “Best Creepy New Band” in 2012 by Creative Loafing.
deadCAT, an off-shoot of weirded-out rockers A. Grimes, exists in a space wholly their own. A space filled with darkness and noises. A space filled with candied-loops and dirty bass. An electric space inside of hip-hop and rock-and-roll that’s contemplative and psychedelic, dangerous and weird.
deadCAT’s music has been described by thatsdeck.com as a “swooning acid-pop duo” with glitches and “eerie vibes” that take the listener on a journey from bright day to dark night.
deadCAT has released six EPs and their first full-length album Transientualism will be available in November 2013, from Psych Army Records. The band was also chosen as a Redbull Sound Select “artist to watch” in 2013 and their video for the song “Littlefeet” off the 2012 weareinaCULT EP, received positive reviews for its portrayal of what some have termed a “grotesque and visual counterpart” to music about the human condition.
deadCAT will make you think about the distortion of life, death and nothing at all.

Artist -  deadCAT
Album - Transientualism
Release Date - November 26, 2013
Label -  Psych Army Intergalactic
01. Glossolalia
02. Eggs at Roach Denny's
03. Frequent Fortunes
04. Flights
05. Sex+Death
06. Cents
07. Wet Heat
08. Feed
09. Mustard Tiger
10. Mirrored Mirrors

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