Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Phil and the Osophers "Parallelo" LP Out August 4th on Factual Fabrications

Video for single "We Have All Summer" can be found right about here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIj0toA4eN4

Download and share the mp3: http://www.philandtheosophers.com/wehaveallsummer.mp3

Phil and the Osophers will make their sixth full length album, Parallelo, available on CD and digitally August 4 on Factual Fabrications, Phil’s own sustainable label. The album finds the Brooklyn 3 piece developing into a jingly and jangly artistic indie rock while retaining carefully crafted and philosophical lyrics. The band has a catalog of over 100 songs, and this new album is their most impressive work to date.

The 11 song cycle of Parallelo explores parallels and coincidences in our understanding of meaning. Phil has an interesting explanation for all of these songs- “Uses Of A Man deals with equal rights for all lovers”, Creators “is a thesis on God in the time of slavery”, Propeller Jet is “about suiting up with Amelia Earhart on her last flight” “Cheap Livin is an tribute to the rich folks who lost it all” …Tie it together with an avant-garde indie pop sound and you have Parallelo. It is this sort of innovation that makes Phil and the Osophers such a one-of-a-kind act.

THE PHILOSOPHY (a choice line from each song)
Uses Of A Man- “A receipt wrote for my soul, a receipt to delay, a receipt to do more than completely revoke the shame upon your name, the shame upon your certainty”
Extra Weight- “it arouses self-deprecation but no edgewise word left to say”
We Have All Summer- “No begging for divine help, this overture is gonna write itself”
Mayan Calendar- “The winter solstice of redundancy fulfilled by never evolving”
Cheap Livin- “Freedom and a bargain are opposites”
Staring Down The Sun – “all the grieving and groveling you done will not award another one”
Creators- “I cursed my own caretaker and then in love began to cry and pulled apart the shades to show the people passing by”
Milestones- “You’re becoming none but a composite of time and ego and fluff”
Pineapple- “I’ve had it with all of you, I don’t even come off as humorous”
Propeller Jet- “All my standards are doubled”
Well Being- “The lengths I go to keep distance pledge a quick, tongue bitten allegiance”

The Brooklyn 3-piece have been on a tear recently: playing SXSW and the Northside Festival in Brooklyn, as well as playing shows with Art Brut, Passion Pit, Les Savy Fav, Le Loup, Telekinesis, and the Ruby Suns.

In addition, all 3 members have written and published books of poetry and non-fiction through their own publishing house called ILOANBooks. Bass player Gus has published NINE books, Drummer Kevin has published two, and Phil has just written his first book of poetry entitled "SHAKE! and other rattlers". These books are usually free at shows and otherwise available upon request.



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