Tuesday, June 30, 2009

organicArma EP “AWARNED” OUT JUNE 30th

Miami, Florida-based organicArma will be digitally releasing their second EP, entitled “Awarned,” on June 30th. It features four versions of the title track: Radio Edit, Extended Mix, King Unique Remix, and Degenerate Remix. In "Awarned" the band tells a tale from the eye of a person who is confused about his life and unsure about his dreams. organicArma sings about taking the risk of coming into the understanding of an individual's collective duality as opposite to the addiction of social equality. Through the video, the story of this mysterious character is revealed and one will ask, "Could he trade the omnipotent for free will?"

The “Awarned” EP follows on the heels of their first EP, “Discordia,” which came out on February 3rd. A full album is planned for fall release as well. The group is fresh off their tour opening for Fischerspooner, a trek which logged stops in fifteen cities including Dallas, Houston, Denver, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, and others, through the latter half of May and first week of June.

organicArma, who will be featured on MSN’s Windows Media Guide for the entire month of July as their Emerging Artist of the Month, weaves philosophy, psychology, and science to construct its message. The band, comprised of dhArma (acustronic drums), lhArma (keys, bass, samples), and phAxas (samples, percussive MIDI, DJ) takes its inspiration from minimal techno, techno, house, dub, classical, industrial, rock, and Afro-Latin beats to create music that is original.

The band combines original instrumentation with provocative lyrics: for organicArma, there is no one lead singer. Since all members are responsible for writing lyrics, each member takes on the protagonistic role of delivering their vocal message. The band encourages listeners to think beyond their current realities to create a reality based on one’s own imagination. organicArma utilizes the concept of duality to connect ones opposite and come up with all the possibilities in between.

organicArma is based out of Miamis Wynwood Art District, as is their label Acustronic, a concept label dedicated to raising mind awareness through provocative yet accessible music. Acustronics Awarehouse is headquarters for organicArma, a live music venue, Luis Perez Galeria, and a sculpture garden. The band has performed at such prestigious locations as The Louvre, Casino Nouvou (Paris), Maxims (Paris), BMI Latin Alternative Showcase (NYC), ART Basel 2006, and the Winter Music Conference in Miami in 2008 and 2009.


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