Monday, June 29, 2009


Tornillo, TX—Growing up in West Texas, The Iveys (Arlen, Jessica and Jillian) were surrounded by two things—family and music. Their parents, big fans of classic rock acts like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles and Queen, instilled their love for melodic pop music, and the trio caught on quickly. But it was when they began making their own music and seeing how audiences reacted to it that gave this young band a lift.

The band’s self-titled debut (released February 24, 2009) was recorded at Sonic Ranch Recording Studios with noted Italian producer Ettore Grenci in 2008, with help from industry veterans Stephen Short and Tony Rancich. Along with a melodic pop style and just a bit of twang to show their Texas roots, the album is a solid collection of songs with heartfelt lyrics that transcend the trio’s youth—and their lush harmonies will remind you of other sibling acts like Hanson and The Lovell Sisters.

“For this album, we really put a lot of focus into our harmonies,” said vocalist/keyboardist Jessica, “It’s a big part of who we are as a group.”

Arlen (guitar, vocals), whose voice will remind you a lot of Matchbox Twenty singer Rob Thomas, loves how the audiences have reacted thus far, and is looking forward to a summer tour to help promote the new album. “We love playing our music," he says, “And to see the emotion run across the audience and know they’re living the song with you is a very special moment we share with our fans."

The tour also coincides with the recent video release of The Iveys’ first single, “Back When It Was Our World,” which made its world premiere yesterday on E! News. In addition, The Iveys will be Fuse TV’s unsigned artist of the month in July and Fuse will be featuring the video on its on-demand programming.

“Our music is something we can share,” Jillian (vocals, keyboards) says, “Something that’s alive and that can spread, touching everyone.” The way things are going, word is and will continue to spread quickly about this talented young trio.

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