Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Deaf Judges release "All Rise" TODAY

Deaf Judges are a four man Hip Hop crew out of Athens, Georgia consisting of three MCs (Rorshak, Produce Man and Louie Carlysle) and one DJ/ producer (Cubenza). This conglomeration of talent pulls together vast influences from all over the musical map into a secret formula that exhibits the freewheeling fun of the old-school eighties together with the grimy lyric-driven pulse of nineties NY underground. All of this is spiced with a distinctly Southern flavor that is undeniable, while at the same time far removed from the regional sounds of their dirty south contemporaries.

TODAY they release their debut album, All Rise, via independent label Emerald City Ruins (www.ecruins.com). Recorded with the help of engineer Joel Hatstat (Pegasuses-XL, ex-Cinemechanica) at The Bakery in Athens, Georgia, the album skillfully combines the esoteric and abstract elements of their underground influences with a solid foundation of old-school Hip Hop fundamentals. Funk and Soul samples reside alongside middle-eastern street recordings and bizarre sound effects in the tapestry of production over which the different MCs relate their off-the-wall, high octane lyrical bombardments.

Tour Dates

07.10.09 - The Mansion - Chapel Hill, NC

Praise For Deaf Judges:

"I'll go ahead and say it: Deaf Judges are probably the best punk band in Athens. Whatever, so they don't play instruments… and they rap. Big deal. You find someone with more energy than these dudes, and I'll eat my vinyl." – Jeff Tobias, Flagpole Magazine

"Not since the 90's have I heard rhymes spit like this. The group has an old-school cadence reminiscent of Run DMC and Wu-Tang Clan over completely new-school beats that incorporate influences as diverse as jazz, electronica, and Middle eastern (music)." - Lindsey Lee, Blur Magazine

"Deaf Judges take the roots of hip hop and the spirit of punk rock and lace the boots of a militant movement towards a level of revolt that is seldom seen in the now trendy and materialistic version of rap/crunk/pop/hip hop and with those boots, kick the side of your head in. Snappy lyrics, witty beats and overall good production plague All Rise, their first full length LP out on Emerald City Ruins records." - Merkatroid, rightClique.com

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