Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the boy least likely to's 'the best b-sides ever' out today

Not ones to leave any of their songs behind, the world's friendliest band, the boy least likely to, have compiled their favorite b-sides and rarities from their debut album ‘the best party ever' in a limited edition compact disc entitled ‘the best b-sides ever.' So, in connection with Junketboy, +1 Records is proud to present the seven songs on this ep, all gathered in one place, for the very first time in the US. Starting today, June 30th, ‘the best b-sides ever' will be available exclusively at all fine CIMS (Coalition of Independent Music Stores) locations nationwide and will NOT be sold digitally. So, a vote for ‘the best b-sides ever' is also a vote for your favorite indie record store. Go out and make your voice heard, we say.

If the cover art looks vaguely familiar, there's a reason why, explained singer / lyricist Jof Owen. “We were thinking that because b-sides are usually songs that don't make it on to albums or aren't good enough to be a-sides, that we would remake the original cover for ‘the best party ever' but with characters that were rejected from the original drawings we did for being too ugly or weird.” He added, “I think parties full of rejects and weirdoes are often the best parties of all anyway.”

The CD includes rock upon a porch with you, and their beloved cover version of faith by George Michael, along with five other songs only previously available in the UK on b-sides of singles. Full tracklist below.

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