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A New York DJ is truly excelling when he surpasses simply mixing tunes and successfully reveals the soul of the city. Multi-talents Dhundee and Stimulus can each boast this measure of musical ability. Both composers and crowd-movers with eclectic tendencies, they undeniably feel the pulse of their environment and enhance it with their sounds. GRAVITY, their new Wednesday night weekly residency at Santos, will shatter categorizations of underground dance music making for a night that is as much an exploration as it is a celebration.

Gravity fills the room at Santos every Wednesday, starting July 1.

Fusing sub-genres into a cohesive whole, Gravity is the sexiest party NY is aching for, bringing the summer sounds of the street and filling both floors of Santos with everything electronic from dubstep to grime, electro, dirty disco, drum and bass, blacktronica ghetto tech, broken beat, house and hip hop. Gravity will be a haven for individuals who listen to an eclectic mix of underground music and a wonderland for seeking exposure to the highest level of innovation with the inclusion of a diverse set of beats.

Their Brooklyn Bounce weekly party has been heralded for this same mentality, blessing dance warriors with a mix of ghetto tech, grime, drum and bass, baile funk, broken beat, hip-hop, afrobeat, pretty much anything one could ask for. Aside from their notorious parties, Dhundee and Stimulus each have their own Podcasts with thousands of loyal listeners, and their radio show Podcast attracts approximately 13,000 listeners per month.

YOUR GRAVITY Resident rotating Dj's:
Dhundee (The Bounce)
Stimulus (The Bounce)
SABO (Turntable Lab)
Ayres (The Rub)

Taylor Mcfarrin http://taylormcferrin.com/
Taylor McFerrin is redefining the one-man show by combining his skills as a producer and performer. By seamlessly building songs with his ambitious solo project, he is making music heads around the world take notice. Fender Rhodes, synthesizers, samples, vocals and beatboxing are meshed together in his Brooklyn bedroom studio as Taylor builds from his roots in ‘60s soul to his vision of future hip-hop.

DJ Dhundee has resided in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Brooklyn, and has retained the sonic flavors of all these locales. A trained mutli-instrumentalist, he is a modern composer and arranger in the highest sense. He will take to a Grey Reverend remix ambitiously and come up with a sound that is both vibrant and nuanced. As the owner and executive producer of Sugarcuts' music, he helms a conglomerate that has disseminated soulful and futuristic music on both the dance floor and in the corporate arena. VH1, Comedy Central, Fuse, Disney and other cable networks have mined Sugarcuts’ tracks for commercials and bumps, earning Dhundee millions of fans who for the most part do not know his name. The industry has recognized his instant appeal, and he currently holds four Gold International Promax/BDA Awards for music production. He is poised to release his full length album Take Flight this summer, a release filled to the brim with Dhundee’s effusive and diverse musical talents, featuring him on all instruments and numerous guests including Sarah White, Waajeed, Kissey Asplund, Dego (4Hero), Probe Dms, and remixes from Domu and more.

DJ Stimulus’ lustrous career in music has put him onstage with the likes De La Soul, The Cure, Mos Def, Cee-Lo, Black Star, Q-Tip, Digital Underground, Roy Hargrove, and Pete Rock. A purebred Brooklynite, Stimulus took to hip-hop and crafted his chops alongside rapper Dionysos. The two would attend Vassar College and collaborate regularly with Mark Ronson thus beginning Stimulus’ rise to prominence as a producer, rapper and club DJ. Under the tutelage of Paul Nice he refined his skills, and put out his first 12” “Don’t Tell Me” in 2001. That year would also see the birth of The Real Live Show, which featured Stimulus, Dionysos and a full jazz ensemble that turned it out weekly with guest appearances by Eric Rivas and Branford Marsalis. In the past, he worked on Tittsworths’ album, “12 Step” to help put out its first single, “911” with Ayres and Cosmo Baker on the Scion release. Stimulus’ solo album, “A King’s County Tale,” is a testament to how he has honed a diverse range of skills.

GRAVITY will take place at Santos Party House, recently dubbed by Elle Magazine as the “Best Place To Dance In The Dark,” and will draw from every corner of Dhundee and Stimulus’ musical terrain, creating a new hub for the multiple branches of heavy, underground beats. According to the customs of its curators, the party promises to bestow its attendants with new tracks and sounds that will stay with them long after last call.

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