Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Pink Spiders Sweat It Out on 9/23 and Demand “Gimme Chemicals”


Brendan O'Brien-Produced Full-Length to Be Led by Single "Gimme Chemicals"

The Pink Spiders, the Nashville-based power-pop band with the explosive sound and attitude to burn, is priming their fan base for a new fix later this year as they prepare the September 23 release of Sweat It Out. With heavyweight producer Brendan O'Brien (Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Bruce Springsteen) at the helm, Sweat It Out is the band's first album to be released on Pink Spiders frontman Matt Friction's own label Mean Buzz, via Adrenaline Music. Giving fans a taste of what's to come, the new album's first single and video "Gimme Chemicals" - which screams "summer party anthem" - will be hitting the airwaves shortly.

Sweat It Out follows the success of The Pink Spider's 2006 record, Teenage Graffiti, produced by ps photohit-maker and legendary frontman of The Cars, Ric Ocasek. That album spawned the single "Little Razorblade," which exploded on radio stations from coast to coast as well as on MTV's Total Request Live, and got the band named one of "100 Bands You Need to Know in 2006" by respected tastemaker Alternative Press. Now, having made the wise choice to move to the indie world as major labels continue to sway unsteadily on shaky ground, Matt Friction and his bandmates are poised to prove that the success of Teenage Graffiti was no fluke. They have persevered to make sure that their best work to date sees the light of day on the strength of their own efforts.

"My idea of success has always been to do things our way and on our own terms," says Pink Spiders frontman Matt Friction. "Being an independent band, in control of our own destiny, feels great."

The group has just wrapped up another stint (their second) on this summer's renowned Van's Warped Tour, which was followed by dates on their own headlining tour. Praise from fans and the press alike have ensured that the band's rocket-like career trajectory is headed for longevity, bolstered by the high anticipation for Sweat It Out this fall. Here's what some press outlets across the world have written about The Pink Spiders:

"..the Spiders are ready to spin a power-pop revolution." - Rolling Stone

"..a rock frolic with the proper balance of bubblegum catchiness, punk muscle and dance snap."
- USA Today

"..angst ridden, smart-assed, and slickly catchy..." - SPIN

"The Pink Spiders' rock and roll assault is under way. You've been warned." - MTV News

"..catchy blasts of bubblegum angst." - Blender

"..the ideal blend of sweetness and crunch." - Entertainment Weekly

"The Nashville-based power pop trio is weaving a web of gritty rock 'n' roll, catchy riffs and flashy looks..." - Billboard

"...mighty guitar riffs with hip-shaking tendencies, punchy sounds, soaring melodies, fast and clever lyrics, and attitude to boot." - Kerrang!

"The Pink Spiders put their money where their mouth is...impossibly catchy and dangerous enough to terrify suburban parents...a great pop album." - Alternative Press

"Practically every track on the disk [Teenage Graffiti], which brilliantly blends rock, soul, punk and pop, is a hook-heavy gem that begs for a sing-along." - Teen People

"Despite the flavors of old rock n' roll blended into their sound, the Pink Spiders manage to sound modern and new." - Punk Planet

"...this Nashville three-piece is here to remind jaded youth everywhere what rock and roll's really about: raunchy rhythms, booze-fueled antics, and pure, unadulterated fun." - Drum Magazine

"A great new band." - Maximum Rock n Roll

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