Thursday, July 31, 2008

PIT ER PAT To Release HIGH TIME This Fall!

Thrill Jockey is pleased to announce the imminent arrival of High Time on October 21st! The new album finds Chicago's Pit Er Pat exploring new sonic territory, pushing boundaries, and continuing to defy categorization. Fay is playing a lot more guitar, her wiry guitar lines holding down the rhythm, while Rob and Butchy are using an array of new percussive instruments, sequencers and beat making machines to supplement their already tight grooves, and in general the band has once again branched out to experiment and explore new sounds which are completely different from their previous albums yet remain undeniably Pit Er Pat. A feat that elludes many bands. Keep an eye out for an extensive US tour in support of High Time this fall!


Pit Er Pat is Fay Davis-Jeffers (vocals, piano, guitar, kalimba), Rob Doran (bass, vocals, guitar, electronics) and Butchy Fuego (drums, vocals, percussion, electronics/programming). High Time was recorded at the bands own studio, "Top Cat", by Butchy Fuego, who has also recently recorded Soft Circle and Matteah Baim.

It is important to note that whilst layered with many delicate details the record was not assembled like a collage. Pit Er Pat instead wanted to be sure to capture the energy of the performances, so little or no editing was done on the basic tracking. From song to song the album unfolds revealing many aspects of the band's aesthetic attitude - from the raw, lively sound of "The Cairo Shuffle," to the mellow, slinky funk of "Omen," to the expansive swirling celebration of "The Good Morning Song." The powerful focused energy in the music is consistent throughout. Even the more laid back grooves on songs such as "My Darkers" have this undeniable bounce to them. High Time is a perfect elixir for your Indian Summer. Its gentle and driving grooves are irresistible and its delicate layers reveal with every listen.


1. Anno IV:xx
2. Evacuation Days
3. Omen
4. My Darkers
5. Copper Pennies
6. The Cairo Shuffle
7. Creation Stepper
8. Trod-A-Long
9. The Good Morning Song

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