Friday, July 11, 2008

WONKA VISION & CIRCA SURVIVE give 100% of profits to help save SIREN RECORDS

Long-time Wonka Vision Magazine supporter and friends, Siren Records are in trouble and need our help. Along with our good friends Circa Survive who are donating money from their music & merch sales, from now until July 20, WONKA VISION will be offering 50% off all year-long subscriptions to Wonka Vision Magazine and donating 100% of the proceeds to Siren Records to help the independent record store get back on their feet. Please take a look at the Press Release. We realize some of you may not have ties to the store and have never been there but if you’ve made it your mission to stand up for local businesses, Siren is one of if not thee best, still-standing Independent Record Stores (just outside of) Philly and we can’t stomach another record store closing. Especially not this one! Please read the press Release and help if you can! Passing the link on will help Siren as well!


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