Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fiasco- Brooklyn's own release Native Canadians on Impose Records, August tour starts Saturday at the Bodega

After selling out two pressings of their full length debut, God Loves Fiasco, on their own imprint Beautiful Records, Brooklyn power trio and DIY faves Fiasco release their rapid-fire gem Native Canadians on Impose Records

The New York Times
“Fiasco are "the kingpins of the Park Slope scene."

To start things off right, this Saturday, Fiasco will perform at The Bodega with MONOTONIX in conjunction with My Open Bar. Just three days after, the boys will kick off their string of August dates in Brooklyn again with a show at Market Hotel with their friends Ninjasonik, The Homosexuals and Pony Pants. For their first our, Fiasco will warm (tear up) stages with Deerhunter and The name a few. From all ages shows to local house parties to parking lots, don't miss Fiasco.

Native Canadians will be in stores on Oct 14th

Press swoons!
“incendiary guitar work, drum thrashing and perceptive lyrics... echo everyone from a hormone-drenched Sonic Youth to a youthful-sounding Slint. Standout "Nothing to Lose" trods on classic indie rock aesthetic a la Pavement... proving that punk rock and teenage boys go together like PB & J."

"These three NYC teens are creating ferocious punk with completely tight time signatures that sounds well beyond their years. Sonic Youth meets Shellac meets Lightning Bolt meets awesome. They destroy live too!"

-Oh My Rockness ("Band We Like")
"Brooklyn's Fiasco rock the rapid-fire punk strums played at eighty-eighty miles per second... to create orchestrated chaos.... There are 'kid bands' and then there are bands who happen to be kids. Fiasco are the latter. This is no Menudo.... Make no mistake, this is punk rock."

"On the surface, Fiasco could easily be described as Brooklyn's answer to Be Your Own Pet; the high school aged punk trio blast out fun rock with a barrage of energy. However, where Be Your Own Pet have a knack for the in-your-face live performance that sometimes takes away from the music, Fiasco seem focused on some pretty complex guitar riffs and drumbeats while still putting forth all they can."

-CMJ (again)
"Pardon the New York City bias, but Brooklyn's Fiasco hit that buzz-worthy spot in my heart time and again. Though the band are (quite literally) just three kids from Brooklyn, their punk rock aesthetic and technical proficiency earn them praise well beyond their years."

-New York Magazine
"In 2005, Fiasco performed at a block party, playing fairly obscure early-eighties punk covers—Flipper, Minor Threat, Bad Brains—that were met with slack-jawed astonishment by several wizening hipsters in the crowd."

8.2- The Bodega w/ MONOTONIX- Brooklyn, New York (My Open Bar)
8.5- Market Hotel w/ Ninjasonik, The Homosexuals, Pony Pants- Brooklyn, New York
8.6- International Waters w/ Pony Pants- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8.7- The Talking Head w/Eyeball Skeleton, Smarts- Baltimore, Maryland
8.8- Comet Pizza and Ping Pong w/ The Apes, Double Dagger!- DC, Washington DC
8.9- AD Lib w/ DEERHUNTER, Times New Viking, Hot Guts- Lancaster, Pennsylvania
8.10- John Boyle O’Reilly Club Parking Lot w/ Bat Attack & American Business Machines!- Springfield, MA
8.11- AS220 w/ The Brown Book & Bat Attack - Providence, RI
8.12- House party in Boston- Boston, MA
8.13-The Bakery w/ Bat Attack + more tba!- Burlington, VT
8.14-Daniel St Club w/ PANTHER & Digital Leather - Milford, CT
8.15- Silent Barn w/ Future Islands, EAR PWR, more Brooklyn, New York

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