Thursday, July 31, 2008

Don The Reader Announces Debut Full-Length, "Humanesque," out October 7th on Deathcote Records!

Churning out a technical racket in the vein of Botch or early Every Time I Die, this is a malevolent beast of a record - 9 / 10 Outburn Magazine

With the new songs in the mag and the gun aimed, the group recorded the new EP over the course of a few months this past winter with friend Chris Ozeene. Although the sessions were hampered by both financial and situational setbacks, what emerged is a sweltering testament to the ingenuity present in modern aggressive music. The songs explode like a twelve gauge: abrasive riffs searing of modern hardcore and traditional metal influences merging with a capable but schizophrenic rhythm section and Roberts devastating vocal performances. At times, though, there is peace, and the songs break for a passage of calm where the guitars reach the outer realms of a reverb-induced trance and the whole band catches their breath before launching right back into the mayhem.

For now, the members of Don The Reader all live within five miles of each other. Its an area they know well they all grew up there but Los Angeles has always been a bizarre wasteland of pop culture. The situation does have its advantages, though. Living in LA gives us more of a reason to write obscure music, says McCullough We want to scare the shit out of the common folk but at the same time reach out to them and help them break out of their shell. Soon, home will be a distant memory as larger opportunities a label, non-stop touring, a new album begin to manifest themselves. And for a bunch of dudes sitting on a nuclear bomb of potential, the only things that'll be left in their wake are the remnants of destruction.

Humanesque Tracklist
1. 328
2. Malfuntion
3. Teethgrinder
4. Humanesque
5. Con-sciolist
6. Hotwar
7. Pre-Self Deficiency
8. Reader
9. Designer Flesh
10. Makeshift Splendor
11. I Swallowed New Orleans
12. Guillotension

Don The Reader Live!
Aug 5 2008 Di Piazzas Long Beach, California
Aug 8 2008 The Phoenix Theater Petaluma, California
Aug 11 2008 The Rock Modesto, California
Aug 13 2008 Veterans Hall Lancaster, California
Aug 15 2008 Club Retro Orangevale, California
Aug 16 2008 Chain Reaction Anaheim, California w/ Heavy Heavy Low Low!
Aug 17 2008 The New Harvest Hollister, California
Aug 19 2008 Studio 99 Bakersfield, California
Aug 20 2008 The Green Turtle Whittier, California

w/ Underneath The Gun
Aug 26 2008 The Anchor Nashville, Tennessee
Aug 27 2008 Mojoes Tinley Park, Illinois
Aug 28 2008 Skateland West Westland, Michigan
Aug 29 2008 Club Bijou Toledo, Ohio
Aug 30 2008 The Silo Night Club Reading, Pennsylvania
Aug 31 2008 Vibe Lounge Long Island, New York
Sep 1 2008 Goodtimez Livingston, New Jersey
Sep 2 2008 The Refuge Fredicksburg, Virginia
Sep 3 2008 Plan B Danville, Virginia
Sep 4 2008 Peppermint Beach Club Virginia Beach, Virginia
Sep 5 2008 Sector 7G Augusta, Georgia
Sep 7 2008 The Pit Jacksonville, Florida
Sep 8 2008 The Mad Hatter Lakeland, Florida
Sep 9 2008 The Talent Farm Pembrooke Pines, Florida
Sep 10 2008 The Orpheum Tampa, Florida
Sep 11 2008 The Red Door Pensacola, Florida

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