Friday, February 22, 2008

Static Revenger presents “Love Song Surprise"

On May 6, producer/DJ/multi-instrumentalist Dennis White (AKA Static Revenger) unveils his latest project Love Song Surprise. Co-produced by Supreme Beings of Leisure’s Ramin Sakurai and co-written by 2007 BBC world music award nominee Duke Mushroom (Bole 2 Harlem), Love Song Surprise is an electronic based record filled with skilful song writing/production and pure emotion.

Love Song Surprise has already garnered plenty attention through its first single “Sweetest Day.” The track was a top requested song on KCRW and was chosen by Britney Spears as her wedding song on the reality show Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. Trainwrecks aside, these ten tracks will get your heart pumping – one way or another.

"Most people who know my work, only know my Dance Music, so when they hear this (LSS), they're like- 'wow- this actually doesn't suck... how the hell are you singing love songs?!' What they don't realize is that before my couple of Dance Music hits, I used to sing in a Major Label band in the 90's- We had quite a big audience in Detroit back then- Kid Rock was our opening act for years- that's true!... I'm never sure if that part of the story is cool or tragic, but in any case- when you've fucked up as much as I have at love, you either become an alcoholic, or a great song writer.. so for years I've been writing songs with the voice of authority for every man who's screwed up a good thing. I seem to have perfected it..." (laughing, while knocking back a scotch neat).” – Dennis White

Love Song Surprise is Static Revenger’s return to music production after taking a year off to produce and direct two independent documentary films as part of SCION’S “Easy 10 film maker series.” One of the films, Castellars, was an immediate official selection of the Very Short Movie Film Festival in Los Angeles and was recently nominated for “Best Use of Music in a Documentary” by the Park City Film Music Festival,, which runs concurrent to Sundance. Castellars takes place in the Catalan region of Spain, and documents the centuries-old tradition of competitive human castle building. Watch highlights here.


Static Revenger has been one of the most prolific names in dance music for the better part of 10 years. With artist credits on over 1.5 million records sold worldwide, this multi-instrumentalist trapped in a DJ's body is responsible for chart-topping masterpieces for everyone from Madonna to the Weekend Players, and has shared the decks with Fatboy Slim, The Basement Jaxx, Chemical Bros, Oakenfold, Erick Morillo, and the Crystal Method. From an early start in dance music as the music director for Inner City's (good life/ big fun) first world tour, to recent Film and TV credits, Static Revenger's music holds history in one hand, and the future in the other.

In addition to the release of Love Song Surprise, Static Revenger recently returned to dance music with two guaranteed floor burners - Static Revenger feat: Taj Bell - “Everything Is Beautiful” and Static Revenger vs. BSOD - “Ooh La La.

“Everything Is Beautiful” is Old Skool meets New Skool and has 'FUTURE ANTHEM' written all over it, with none other that Pete Tong exclaiming that he expects 'big things' from this track. No sooner said than done- Ministry of Sound/ DATA immediately scooped it up for Worldwide release in the spring of 2008. With a HUGE vocal hook and a break down to die for, this track is a must for every big room set. Exclusive U.S. only pre-release now available for download on (upcoming remixes rumored include Solitaire, and Richard Vission)

Static Revenger vs. BSOD - “Ooh La La” is some serious funky electro house business featuring the mixing and production finesse of the men of the moment- BSOD, whose members deadmau5 and Steve Duda have had an enviable year with a slew of clubland hits, including: 'Not Exactly', and 'A Bit Sketchy' Now available for download worldwide on

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