Friday, February 22, 2008

Luaka Bop's Jim White- West Coast Dates/ Spoken Word @ NYC Housing Works/ World Café/ NY Dates/ Transnormal Skiperoo out soon

Jim White will play a collection of personal shows at the end of February starting off at Joes Pub in NYC and ending with a spoken word performance of his autobiographical tales. At the end of March, Jim will head West for a string of shows up the coast starting in LA at the Silent Movie Theater on March 25th and ending in Seattle at the Tractor Tavern.

‘Transnormal Skiperoo is a name I invented to describe a strange new feeling I've been experiencing after years of feeling lost and alone and cursed. Now, when everything around me begins to shine, when I find myself dancing around in my back yard for no particular reason other than it feels good to be alive, when I get this deep sense of gratitude that I don't need drugs or God or doomed romance to fuel myself through the gauntlet of a normal day, I call that feeling 'Transnormal Skiperoo.’- Jim White

Tour Dates:

February 26th- Joes Pub- NYC
February 28th- Union Hall- seated- NYC
February 29th- Housing Works- spoken word- NYC

March 25th- Silent Movie Theater- Los Angeles
March 27th- Great American Music Hall- San Francisco
March 28th- Lola’s Room- Portland
March 30th- Tractor Tavern- Seattle

Jim White traveled many a junkyard road to get to Transnormal Skiperoo. Raised in Pensacola, Florida, a town crushed between the church and heroin, Jim’s songs reach deep into the underbelly of the South. One time Pentecostal, fashion model, New York taxi driver, drifter, pro-surfer, photographer, filmmaker, his music is the conduit for all the stories he collected along the way. His previous albums ‘Wrong-Eyed Jesus’ [1997], ‘No Such Place’ [2001] and ‘Drill a Hole in That Substrate’ [2004] were acclaimed as masterpieces of ‘outer space’ and established Jim as a phenomenal maverick talent. Jim also starred in the BBC4 film ‘Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus’, an award-winning road-movie exploring Southern culture through its music and stories. Now living in an old farmhouse in the backwoods of Georgia, Jim White may have finally reached a place called home, but his other search, for what he calls ‘the gold tooth in God’s crooked smile’ continues in this new set of backyard tales. Transnormal Skiperoo was produced by Joe Pernice and Michael Deming, recorded with the band Ollabelle, and also features tracks with Tucker Martine and Laura Veirs, local Georgia legend Don Chambers & Goat, bluegrass duo Jeff & Vida and percussionist Mauro Refosco.

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