Friday, February 22, 2008

DESTROY EVERYTHING to release "Freedom of Speech Means Talk is Cheap"

DOWNERS GROVE , IL - After years of relative silence, pivotal Chicago area punks Destroy Everything will be releasing their new full-length album "Freedom Of Speech Means Talk Is Cheap" through Tent City Records on April Fool's Day. (Judgment left to the retail circuit on whether that date is or is not a joke).

Destroy Everything is a five-piece punk band from Chicago, with a sound derived from Midwest hardcore of the early 1980s overlayed with anthemic melodies of the late 1970s London punk scene and mixed in with a bit of Southern California skate-punk (in other words: catchy songs with a sort of turbo-charged swagger). The band features Cheddar Nines (lead vocals), Señor Citizen (guitar), Stiff Mittens (bass), Hanover Fist (guitar), and Cocoa Hole (drums).

The band emerged from the wreckage of two other Chicago-area bands. In 1992 the Insane War Tomatoes, a highly theatrical punk/metal act featuring Cheddar Nines as lead vocalist, played their last show. Around the same time Cigarettes, a folksy, math rock combo founded by Señor Citizen and Stiff Mittens, disbanded abruptly.

Look for confirmed dates for DESTROY EVERYTHING's full U.S. tour May-July 2008.
Information on DESTROY EVERYTHING's music and projects can be found at: or

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