Friday, February 22, 2008

Fear Nuttin Band's Music Defining A Genre

Philadelphia, PA - Fear Nuttin Band's political calling of "Unify the Music, Unify the People" comes to life in Yardcore, their Bodog Music debut album set to hit the streets April 29, 2008.

Featuring producer extraordinaire Terry Date, known for his production prowess on timeless classics by Pantera, Soundgarden, Deftones and The Smashing Pumpkins, the album was recorded in Seattle's famed Studio X. Yardcore boasts the intensity of metal, the rhythm of Jamaican dancehall and the social consciousness of hip-hop.

"Boomblaze! I mean it," exclaimed Date. Guitarist Chris Tafari elates, "I love the bigness of Yardcore. The guitars are blazing and Terry really captured our explosive live sound."

This recording captures the group's energetic live performance while highlighting the vocalists' phonetic banter and melodic verses. The album is a crossbreed, a non-conformist body of work put together purely to give the listener something to think about. This is not "rockstaffari" B.S. -- this is "YARDCORE," an angsty, ballsy blend of hardcore instrumentals and vocals that scat and swoon with Jamaican nobility. Chris Regan and Jay Chung provide the wailing guitars and pocket riddem harmonies, while Brian Daigle's bass acts as the pulse of the rhythm section. Matt Penza's drumming pyrotechnics pop and burst throughout the disc. Peppered with political statements, the singers Roosta and Prowla bare their souls, speaking of their personal values and beliefs, taking listeners on a tour of their world.

Frontman Roosta explains, "The lyrics on Yardcore come from a place of whole thought and irieness." Prowla elaborates, "Yardcore was created entirely to prove that music has no bounds. We are part of the evolution."

Track by track, the true versatility and phonic span of Fear Nuttin Band is unraveled. The album kicks off with "Enemy," highlighted by the guest vocal performance of Bobby Lee (Soja), proclaiming, "FNB are FNB and no matter who hates on it they will never change." "Rule the World's" infectious chorus tells how the band would regulate with love, while "Vibes," co-written by reggae legends Mojo and JahPetes of Morgan Heritage, represents the true dancehall roots and Caribbean flare. Hip-hop inspired "Champaign" is a mosh pit anthem. The gangsta rap of the album sets up against hardcore breakdowns and metal guitar harmonies. This song is truly an enmeshment of plush rap life and metal mayhem. One can state with conviction that the most important story is the one that the music tells. The music will speak for itself, and Yardcore speaks volumes. A present in the artwork created by Nuevo poster great Chris Honeywell, the music shields us from all that is negative in the world and will be in stores April 29, 2008.

Springfield, MA, spawned the Fear Nuttin Band, hailed as local heroes of the eclectic scene. Fear Nuttin Band has quested since their inception to provide music fans in all genres with quality music, thought provoking lyrics and a truly great stage show. With pop culture commercial acts taking over the nation's charts, FNB joined a talent battle that was bringing real music to the masses and signed up for the first season of Bodog Music Battle Of The Bands. Fear Nuttin Band plowed through the competition in the Boston area to lay their claim to the regional title. The Boston champions strutted their stuff as thousands voted Fear Nuttin Band victorious online, while they vigorously toured the nation winning fans on the top-rated fuse TV network reality show Bodog Music Battle of the Bands. A huge surprise twist came in the competition as FNB were eliminated and then brought back by an overwhelming number of votes to be the Alternative Press Magazine popular vote back winner and compete in the Bodog Battle LIVE finale in L.A. at the House of Blues.

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