Friday, February 22, 2008

The Jealous Girlfriends To Release Debut LP On Good Fences May 6th/Extend US Tour With Most Serene Republic

The Jealous Girlfriends make it work. The Brooklyn four-piece pull together the tunefulness of Anglo New Wave and BritPop, the aggression and energy of Washingtonian indie rock – both district and state - and infuse it all with a little soul, working an alchemy that transforms these base musical elements into songs crackling with tension and excitement that are instantly memorable while revealing something new with every listen.

Overtop a rhythmic foundation laid down by drummer Michael Fadem, Josh Abbott and Holly Miranda's buzzsaw guitars carom and careen against Alex Lipsen's square wave synths as their voices duet and duel overtop in tones that are playful and plaintive, menacing and mesmerizing. It's this potent lineup that has crafted their eponymous album following a 2005 debut EP featuring only Miranda and Lipsen.

The Jealous Girlfriends have already achieved a tremendous amount for a wholly independent band, earning that blessing and curse of being one of the best-kept secrets in independent music. Now signed to Good Fences Records, they're set to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

Armed with hooks, barbs, and velvet-lined bludgeons, The Jealous Girlfriends – the album – makes a striking statement that reveals The Jealous Girlfriends – the band - as an outfit that bends and pushes against the boundaries of rock music not so much with the intent to break them, but simply to see what kind of shapes they can make.

US Tour With Kevin Devine

2/11 - Lawrence, KS @ Jackpot Saloon - with AA Bondy
2/12 - Omaha, NE @ Slowdown Front Room - with AA Bondy
2/13 - St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway - with AA Bondy
2/14 - Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen - with AA Bondy
2/15 - Cleveland, OH @ The Grog Shop - with AA Bondy
2/16 - Athens, OH @ Union at Ohio University - with AA Bondy
2/17 - Columbus, OH @ The Basement - with AA Bondy

Dates With The Most Serene Republic

3/4 - Pontiac at Pike Room
3/5 - Grand Rapids at Ladies Literary Club
3/6 - Chicago at Schuba's
3/7 - Minneapolis at 7th Street Entry
3/8 - Iowa City at Picador
3/9 - Omaha at the Slowdown
3/10 - Lawrence at Jackpot
3/12 - Fort Worth at Lola's


3/13 - Fontana Distribution Showcase @ Bourbon Rocks

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