Friday, February 22, 2008

Sander Kleinenberg Movie - Pioneer @ MOS

For those of you lucky enough to catch Sander at his last residency of the year at Ministry of Sound in December - you will remember the night as one of Sander playing one of his best sets of the year, coupled with the amazing visuals; courtesy of the new Pioneer SVM-1000 audio visual mixer that Sander has been involved in developing over the last year.

Sander ended the year on a massive high with the club packed to the rafters, sweat dripping off the ceiling with the crowd enraptured. The dancefloor remained heaving until the very end.

The Pioneer team (a 10 strong camera crew) were up on stage all night filming and taking photographs of Sander, the mixer and the crowd, who were clearing loving what Sander was doing. The footage will be used on Pioneer¹s website and hosted on YouTube, MySpace etc. If you were there, check out in the next couple of weeks and you might see yourself on there!! It will also be used as a promotional video for the new mixer which is tipped to be huge and a must-have tool for the new breed of DJ’.

The SVM-1000 mixer will finally allow DJs to unlock their true AV potential, and further blurring the boundaries between DJs and VJs. This is why Sander was chosen by Pioneer as he was the perfect candidate plus the best DJ for the job ­ this mixer is set to revolutionise the DJ industry.

The next day saw Sander at a photoshoot with Pioneer which was loads of fun and they also filmed a 'tips and tricks' video with Sander on the SVM-1000 which will again go up on the DJ Sounds website.

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