Friday, February 22, 2008

ATROCITY - back catalog to be remastered and reissued

To coincide with the release of ATROCITY's brand-new Werk 80 II album, a huge chunk of their famed back catalog will be remastered and reissued in North America. Some titles will actually be available for the first time domestically. The tentative release date for North America is March 4th, the same day Werk 80 II will be released. Vocalist/producer Alex Krull had the following to say on the topic: “Some of the album were really hard to get or not available at all because they were sold out. It would be a shame not re-releasing these albums again. It is also a chance for our latest fans to get an overall view from the creative drive of the band ATROCITY and their diverse projects in the past. We were always giving our best at the moment we were doing these albums. Sometimes there is a chance to improve a little bit of it, which makes the whole thing even more interesting. I’ve almost remastered the entire backkatalogue and there were indeed some things from the old recordings to do better soundwise. It was real fun and treasures like Blut, Willenskraft, Calling The Rain, Die Liebe, Todessehnsucht or our debut album Hallucinations are gleaming now in new splendour. After the re-release of Todessehnsucht there will now be some more releases besides the Werk 80 II album on March 4th. So this date is a multiple reason to be pleased with. On the one hand you will get the latest album, on the other you will get the album which were officially not available anymore!"

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