Friday, February 29, 2008

Cassettes Won't Listen "Paper Float" Scott Thorough Remix/Fearless Music TV This Saturday /AOLSpinner MP3 Of The Day/"Paper Float" Video Teasers

Cassettes Won’t Listen is giving away one remix a week for the next month. This week is by renowned hip hop producer Scott Thorough, and last week’s was by German Producer, Styrofoam (The Notwist, Lali Puna, Ben Gibbard, American Analog Set, and more). There will be a new remix posted each week via his myspace page. Upcoming remixes are from Mad Decent (Diplo and DJA) Via RCRD LBL, Blockhead, Maker, Aaron LaCrate, and more.

When Jason Drake isn’t writing his electronic pop gems as Cassettes Won’t Listen, he can be found in the Def Jux offices where he is the Director of Marketing. Jason has been involved with the leading indie hip hop label since 2001, just as Aesop Rock's Labor Days was hitting record store shelves. While Cassettes Won’t Listen is informed by hip hop, the lyrics and voice of Jason are transcendent.

And on March 11th, Cassettes Wont Listen's will release Small-Time Machine, his first ever physical release. Entirely written, played and produced by Jason Drake, Small-Time Machine deals with many of the themes that touch us all, including: love, betrayal, hope, disappointment and the quest to find what's missing in each of our lives. Small-Time Machine is the next chapter in the career of one of the true new voices of the 21st Century.

Cassettes Won't Listen has had two digital-only releases, the EP Nobody’s Moving and the instrumental LP The Quiet Trial. Both records have received a lot of attention, including radio tastemakers WOXY and KEXP, SPIN, the NY Press, the notorious Perez Hilton as well as landing an exclusive front page feature on and being named one of Urb’s Next 100 for 2007.

In the wake of these releases, a wide range of artists, commissioned countless Cassettes Won't Listen remixes, including El-P, (featuring Trent Reznor), Midlake, Asobi Seksu, The Postmarks, Dr. Octagon, Pela, Dirty on Purpose, Mr. Lif, and Morcheeba, amongst others.

Cassettes Won't Listen embodies an otherworldly and distinctive blend of electronica and indie rock, with comparisons being drawn to the Postal Service, Beck, Hot Chip, The Notwist, and DJ Shadow. His live show blasts at a frantic pace with Jason hopping from turntables to guitar to keys and vocals as a true one-man band. Small-Time Machine is the sum of all these parts.

The free One Alternative covers EP of great 90's tunes from Cassettes Won't Listen is up to 7,500 downloads and still going strong. Tracklist includes songs by Pavement, Butter 08, Blind Melon, Liz Phair, and Sebadoh, and as an added bonus it features full instrumentals and acapellas so you can get your 90's love remix thing on.

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