Friday, February 22, 2008

Air Guitar Nation television premiere on VH1

Winning 'Best Documentary' at the Whistler Film Festival, the “Audience Award" at the SXSW Film Festival, and an Official Selection at Tribeca, Woodstock and Edinburgh International Film Festivals, Air Guitar Nation was acquired by Docurama Films and its parent company, New Video. The feature film was released in theaters in more than 100 markets across the country in 2007 and is now available to purchase on DVD and for purchase and download on the iTunes Store. Now, the beloved documentary AIR GUITAR NATION is scheduled to make its television premiere on Saturday, February 9th, 9PM Eastern, on VH1.

You might want to tie Nanna’s wig on for this one.

Starring the Air Guitar patriarchs C-Diddy and Björn Türoque, AIR GUITAR NATION is a feature-length documentary about the year that Air Guitar swept America. From New York to Los Angeles and then all the way to northern Finland, AIR GUITAR NATION chronicles the birth of the US Air Guitar Championships and one person's journey to become our first world champion. Every August, the Air Guitar World Championships bring thousands of fans all the way to Oulu, Finland to see the world's best air guitarists battle it out for 60 seconds of mock stardom. For years, the USA was missing in action. Enter the first official US Air Guitar Championships. What starts as a friendly contest above a New York strip club becomes a battle of naked ambition played out on the national and, ultimately, world stage. Full of triumph and disappointment, patriotic spirit and political tension -- and of course invisible guitars -- this fake competition quickly turns very real. AIR GUITAR NATION captures the explosion of competitive air guitar through the eyes of former world champions, fans and media, and through the personal rivalries of those trying to attain the title of the best Air Guitarist in the world.

AIR GUITAR NATION was directed by Alexandra Lipsitz, produced by Anna Barber (a founder of US Air Guitar), Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz of Magical Elves (executive producers of NBC"s "Last Comic Standing," Bravo's "Project Runway" and HBO's "Project Greenlight") and executive produced by US Air Guitar founders Cedric Devitt and Kriston Rucker.

And that rumbling you hear? It’s the Air Guitar Tour Bus revving its engines. US Air Guitar is gearing up to steamroll America with a 30-city tour, a newly added Semifinal round, and a Championship event that will turn water into straight whiskey. It’s about to be on like Donkey Kong, and this year we’re taking numbers.


Founded in 2003, US Air Guitar is the official Air Guitar Association of the United States and is responsible for operating the US Air Guitar Championships, official Regional events, and specialized championships. US Air Guitar is devoted to taking our nation's unofficial pastime out of the bedroom and putting it up on the world stage. Over the last five years, US Air Guitar has grown from a two city event into a 30+ city national tour in search of America’s best Air Guitarist. Each year, regional city winners and the defending champion from the previous year are flown to New York City to compete in the US Air Guitar Finals for the crown of US Air Guitar Champion. The US Champ is then sent to Oulu, Finland to represent the USA in the World Air Guitar Championships

US Air Guitar is an official member of the World Air Guitar Association. Like a polished diamond, the AGWC Network has grown and prospered into a world-wide coalition of 18 official AGWC countries. The crème de la crème of Air Guitar compete in national championships before coming to Finland for the battle of the world’s best. One person is annually hailed as the Air Guitar World Champion, the master of the invisible instrument. Countries registered to compete in the 2007 Air Guitar World Championships include UNITED STATES, CANADA, MEXICO, UNITED KINGDOM, NORWAY, GERMANY, NETHERLANDS, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE, AUSTRIA, ITALY, SLOVENIA, CROATIA, GREECE, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND.

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