Friday, February 29, 2008

Overkill's "Skull And Bones" Exclusive Premiere On MTV2 Headbangers Ball

Philadelphia, PA - Old School Thrash and Nu Metal vocalists unite in the music video for "Skull and Bones!" Bodog Music's Overkill joined forces with today's hottest metal frontman Randy Blythe on the lead single from their latest release Immortalis. Now the feature video for the track is ready to be unleashed on the masses with its network debut on MTV2's Headbangers Ball set for Mar. 5 and a special early release on the Headbangers Ball Blog on Feb. 29. An exclusive behind the scenes package highlighted by an interview with Randy and Bobby Blitz is also now available online only at the Headbangers Ball Blog.

The live performance and mind melting narrative work together to pummel audiences in what is set to be a landmark metal video. Blitz explains, "The track comes to life with the Wacken footage. It is like a slasher engineering a runaway train... with 40,000 witnesses, mixed with the location shots we did with Randy and I. The video brought the song to visual life."

Groundbreaking Director Kevin Custer manned the helm on the narrative segments and was amped to be apart of the project. "Hell yeah... I packed up the cameras in NYC and headed down to Virginia to rock out a slamming shoot with Bobby and Randy," Custer said. "We had a blast - everyone was on point. The vid looks sick!" Known for creating killer videos for the likes of Hatebreed, Madball, Beneath The Massacre and more, his guerilla tactics and "shoot to kill" mentality were just what was needed to bring the dark disturbing narrative to life on "Skull and Bones." Centering on the live footage captured for the recently released Live At Wacken DVD, the disturbing nature of this song was captured in the performances of Blitz and Blythe.

When asked to collaborate on the video, Blythe joined on with fury. "There's nothing more fun than drinking beer and lip syncing along to heavy metal for 10 hours in a 20 degree warehouse with Bobby Blitz," exclaimed Randy. "Getting to make a video with f#%&ing Overkill in my home town wasn't just cool, it was my sacred duty to help them crack some skulls and break some bones!"

The Live At Wacken DVD was released through Bodog Music on Feb. 5, 2008, giving fans a front row look into how Overkill has remained the reigning masters of metal for over two decades. The DVD promises an in your face look into the lights, music and mayhem, as Overkill closed the 2007 Wacken stage in front of 40,000 fans.

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