Friday, September 19, 2014

Wray Release New Music Video for “Relative” Off Their Debut Album

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Catch Them LIVE at CMJ
10/22 – New York City – Lit Lounge
 “…a three-piece band pursuing its own extrapolation of shoegaze, surf-punk and lo-fi garage-rock” – New York Times

"Guitars drip like melting icicles, vocals are stretched out into long, baleful moans and percussion is short, sharp and piercing. There’s a severity to the song that makes it hard to shake” – Wondering Sound

It’s a unique mélange of genres, melding beach rock breeziness with the type of driving, slowly evolving aesthetic that marked bands like My Bloody Valentine.” – Noisey

 Birmingham-based shoegaze-y three-piece, WRAY, release the wonderfully psychedelic and dream-like video for track “Relative” off their self-titled debut album, out July 15th on Communicating Vessels.  The video premiered onWondering Sound who described “…a severity to the song that makes it hard to shake.” The band will be performing in New York City as part of their CMJ showcase on Wednesday, October 22nd at the Lit Lounge.

What do you expect from a band that boasts its inspiration from, “Dreamlike frequencies, sonic colors, ritualism, stagnation, repetition, movement and cohesiveness.” It was recorded in their hometown of Birmingham, Alabama at Ol Elgante Studio. With mastermind engineer Daniel Farris (Man Or Astro-man?, St. Vincent, Polyphonic Spree, Verbena) at the helm, they managed to capture the atmospheric beauty that comes with every live show they play.

Wray is David Brown, Blake Wimberly, and David Swatzell. Though they are new, their involvement in the music community starts over a decade ago with such bands as Last Flight InComradeNightmare Waterfall, and a handful of other projects you might not have had the chance to see if “punk rock” just isn’t your scene. But this project is something you don’t want to miss.

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