Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cathedrals premiere "Unbound" video via FADER. Live in New York 10/23 at Neon Gold Records CMJ showcase

FADER premieres Cathedrals' music video "Unbound" HERE + Youtube HERE.

is a collaboration with SF ballet principal dancer Maria Kochetkova and The Sugar Cubes light sculpture 

New York show announced:
10/23 at Neon Gold's NEW SHAPES CMJ

see video HERE

Cathedrals EP out now on Neon Gold Records
(available now digitally + on transparent black grape 10" vinyl incl. MP3 download)

Today, FADER Magazine premieres Cathedrals' "Unbound" video which a collaboration between the band, Maria Kochetkova who is the principal ballerina in the San Francisco ballet and The Sugar Cubes light sculpture (see piece on Discovery Channel). "Unbound" was directed by Sam Pressman and the cinematographer Isaac Bauman (John Legend, Sam Smith, Drake, The Presets and Blood Orange). 

 “The intimacy of the lovers is the ground, the base emotion of the song – the light cubes are the rhythm, continuous in every shot of the video they remind that everyone herein is coexisting even if we so often feel separate – Maria is the spirit, up and down, dancing our worlds together – and Cathedrals are our storytellers mirroring the struggle of the lovers to find each other. " - director Sam Pressman in FADER 

Next month, the San Francisco duo will play their first ever East Coast show at Neon Gold's New Shapes CMJ showcase on October 23rd. Don't miss the band live, please information HERE

Cathedrals, the San Francisco duo comprised of Brodie Jenkins and Johnny Hwin released their self-titled debut EP on Neon Gold Records earlier this month. The self-titled EP is available on transparent black grape 10" vinyl including an MP3 download, order smarturl.it/CathedralsEP .

Last month, Interview Magazine premiered the fourth EP single "OOO AAA" HERE, with an interview that dives into the band's background as a pillar of the San Francisco artist community via Johnny's warehouse gallery, The SUB.

Cathedrals previously revealed "Harlem" HERE and "Unbound" HERE via their soundcloud, and both songs shot to the #1 position on the Hype Machine chart in no time.  

"Want My Love" marked Cathedrals' first single with esteemed New York pop impresarios Neon Gold Records. Looking set to follow in the illustrious footsteps Neon Gold acts before them (Passion Pit, Ellie Goulding, Gotye, et. al), Cathedrals fit beautifully amongst the backdrop of the label's more recent output (HAIM, Wet) and label founder Lizzy Plapinger's own rising outfit, MS MR.

Recent praise for Cathedrals:
"...an enigmatic, R&B-infused gem that features Jenkins and Hwin's haunting vocals. The dichotomy of dark and light within the music makes for a catching, gorgeous track. - Interview Magazine

"...post-Aaliyah mood-making, pulsating bass, gorgeous harmonies, and XX-like guitar-play." - SPIN Magazine

"...transitioning from psychedelic, distorted riffs to angelic whispers with ease." - Indie Shuffle

EP hi-res HERE

Cathedrals - Cathedrals EP (out 9/8 on Neon Gold - smarturl.it/CathedralsEP):
01. Harlem
02. In The Dark
04. Unbound
05. Want My Love

"Unbound"music video credits:
Maria Kochetkova as The Dancer (www.mariakochetkova.com)
The Sugar Cubes by Alex Green (www.symmetry-labs.com)
& all of our wonderful friends for sharing a portrait of intimacy 

Video credits:
Directed by Sam Pressman (www.pressman.com/about.php)
Cinematography by Isaac Bauman (www.isaacbauman.com)
Edited by Max Savage (www.noisysavage.com) and Johnny Hwin
Filmed at Heron Arts in San Francisco, CA (www.heronarts.com)

Music credits:
Written and Produced by Cathedrals (Johnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins)
Engineering by Max Savage (www.noisysavage.com)
Mastering by Twin Peaks Studios
Additional Guitars by Tim Wood (www.soundcloud.com/popstack)

Cathedrals - Spotify playlist

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