Monday, September 29, 2014

HOUSE OF LIGHTNING Premiere Song at Wondering Sound

Ground breaking band HOUSE OF LIGHTNING will release their debut record Lightworker October 14th via Translation Loss.  Everyone at Translation Loss are beyond ecstatic to be able to work with Henry Wilson and his new band HOUSE OF LIGHTNING, being huge fans of both Floor and Dove.  HOUSE OFLIGHTNING takes what Dove created to an entirely new level of mathy-proggy rock sensation.  

Today Wondering Sound is hosting an exclusive stream of the song "Smoke and Mirror".  Get a first listen to the song HERE.

Lightworker is available for pre-order HERE.

Proudly hailing from Winter Haven, Florida, they feature current and former members of FLOOR, DOVE and CAVITY!

After the death of DOVE and before FLOOR's current resurrection, a new band was secretly growing, HOUSE OF LIGHTNING's long awaited debut album does more than just pick up where DOVE left off five years ago, they blast off out of the known universe and into a completely new and unknown dimension!

From the mad genius mind of Henry Wilson (FLOOR) comes and almostuncategorizable yet positively spiritual incorporation of Heavy Metal, Thrash, bite of Math, a sprinkle of Prog, a pinch of 1984 and a dash of 5150. Sounds wild, you say? That's because IT IS! Lightworker is difficult to simply just pin a label onto; you are better off hearing this one for yourself. All aboard the rocket ship!

The album was produced at Atomic Audio, Tampa, Florida by Mark Nikolich & Henry Wilson

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