Monday, September 22, 2014


10.03 - The Cannery, Everett, WA
10.10 - The Sunset, Seattle, WA
10.16 - TBA, Little Rock, AR
10.17 - Deep Blues Fest, Clarksdale, MS
10.18 - Deep Blues Fest, Clarksdale, MS
10.19 - Under The Willow Tree (House Show), New Orleans, LA
10.20 - The Beatnik, New Orleans, LA
10.21 - Bottletree, Birmingham, AL
10.22 - Little Lights (House Show), Nashville, TN
10.23 - New Vintage, Louisville, KY
10.24 - MOTR, Cincinnati, OH
10.25 - TBA, Chicago, IL
10.26 - Bayport BBQ, Bayport, MN
10.28 - Filling Station, Bozeman, MT
10.29 - The Bartlett, Spokane, WA
(additional dates to be announced soon)
LONESOME SHACK (photo: Hamilton Boyce)

“This bluesy trio calls Seattle home, but you'd swear that Lonesome Shack hail from the deepest Mississippi Delta based on this teaser from their forthcoming album More Primitive. ‘Medicine’ ambles along at the tempo of a stroll, or a heartbeat, with the rhythm battened down tight by Kristian Garrard's steady rolling drums and Luke Bergman's insistent baseline. But that's the only easygoing thing about it; frontman Ben Todd howls at the monkey on his back and tries to stab it with jagged edges of guitar. Going cold turkey never sounded so good.” - SPIN

"Lonesome Shack have that rare power you need in a blues band—they start playing, and the whole room follows them. The reason More Primitive is singularly great is that it is pure expression. A best of the decade type record." – AMERICAN STANDARD TIME

“Lonesome Shack are refreshingly subtle -- the band's touch is light and dynamic, with a clear appreciation of the virtue of open spaces and low-key grooves rather than Blueshammer-style overstatement. Ben Todd's guitar work is about mood, not fretboard pyrotechnics, and the purposeful drift of the ten tracks on More Primitive comes from Todd's picking, while bassist Luke Bergman and drummer Kristian Garrard thankfully also embrace a 'less is more' aesthetic, laying out rhythms that are simple, measured and unrelenting." - ALL MUSIC
More Primitive has the groove of Canned Heat-style blues from the South.” - MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL 

"Lonesome Shack may be from the Pacific Northwest, but they sound like a great swamp blues band from the Southern regions of the US. The grooves are relaxed as are the vocals, suggesting the soundtrack to a lazy, hot summer day with just a little angst in the air, lingering a little beyond reach." - POPMATTERS

“Lonesome Shack’s new track ‘Wrecks’ is a doozy. Grab your partner, and do that hip shake, babe! - BLURT

“Tired of the Black Keys’ gritty-but-then-cleaned-up-for-the-arena blues chug? Then you are in luck. Lonesome Shack haven’t left that grittiness behind” - THE STRANGER

"A treasure trove of mind-blowing grooves that go somewhere beyond the traditional.” -  RELIX

"Lonesome Shack is a great three-piece band that can get a whole room moving, which is pretty fun to watch." - CMJ
"I urge you to find a phonograph, pour a bottle of Blanton’s original single-barrel bourbon, and cozy up in this lonesome shack." - THE FIRE NOTE
"Lonesome Shack's More Primitive is a great album that casts a long shadow. - RUST MAGAZINE
"For those who love the blues, this could well be the album of the year."  - EXPRESS: UK
"More Primitive makes for consistent listening from start to finish. Music of this kind is in shorter supply these days, so enjoy the primitive sounds while you can. - VINYL UNDER REVIEW
"Lonesome Shack may be based in Seattle, but you'd be forgiven for mistaking the band's Alive Records debut, More Primitive, for a mid-'70s recording from Mississippi's fertile Hill Country blues scene, owing much of its elegant boogie to the droning styles of R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough and Fred McDowell." -  PHOENIX NEW TIMES
 "Top to bottom, More Primitive will be familiar to Black Keys fans: slinky and cool hill-country blues with a contemporary sensibility." -EUGENE WEEKLY
[5 STARS OUT OF 5] "All the stuff you love about Lonesome Shack is still here: the raw grit ‘n’ grease; the marrow-thumping grooves; the sepia-toned time machine vignettes, clouded with 2-AM-in-the-juke-joint smoke and spilt hooch. It’s just that the mix on More Primitive sets you down right in the middle of those scenes, loose floorboards under your shoes and all. - JAMBANDS
"This album is a must for anyone who likes the blues." - PITTSBURGH IN TUNE
"A great blues record that embraces the sluggish, back-road quality that permeates the catalog of legend Robert Johnson."  - SEATTLE WEEKLY 
 "Ben Todd lovingly recreates a sound that's mostly disappeared with the deaths of Kimbrough and Burnside with vocals that are high and plaintive in the old style and yet lyrically modern. His acoustic and electric guitar work creaks and crawls ("Old Dream," ''Evil") or builds to a ramshackle sprint (beat tracks "Big Ditch," ''Wrecks"), depending on the mood. Everything's driven along by a tirelessly bouncy groove provided by bassist Luke Bergman and impressionistic drumming from Kristian Garrard." - ASSOCIATED PRESS
 [4 STARS OUT OF 5] "While never failing to generate basic blues mojo, guitarist Ben Todd keeps things consistently fresh with distinctive guitar figures on each track here." -  ROOTS MUSIC REPORT 

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