Friday, September 26, 2014

Maxim of The Prodigy Unveils 2nd Single 'Phase Me'

Tune into Eddy Temple Morris' XFM Radio Show at 12:50AM UK Time Friday Night/Saturday Morning for the exclusive first radio play of 'Phase Me'


After years of DJing The Prodigy's backstage dressing room parties, Maxim, original frontman and vocalist of The Prodigy, has decided to reveal his production skills to the world. Joining forces with edgy female MC/vocalist Cianna Blaze, he embarks on a new DJ project which cumulates in an hard-hitting debut EP, "Animal Anger"set to release next month on we Are noize.

Following the release of lead single 'Wolf' earlier this month, which was described as "a densely populated collection of 808s and fervent percussion that gets more interesting with every listen" (Dancing Astronaut) and "an aggressive, hip-hop-leaning trap sort of sonic affair” (Insomniac Mag), Maxim teams up with Do Androids Dance to unveil Animal Anger's second hard-hitting single 'Phase Me'.


After 24hrs, 'Phase Me' will be available for free download on
Maxim's Soundcloud HERE.

[Cianna- Photo Credit: Rahul Singh]
Featuring vocals by Cianna Blaze and D Dark, 'Phase Me' perfectly blends elements of hip-hop, electronic, and grime into one seamless production from the legendary frontman and producer. With remaining tracks '808' and 'Lucky Bitch' to be revealed in the coming weeks, Animal Anger's bass-heavy anthems are certain to dominate playlists and stages this fall.

Stay tuned for more from this dynamic duo, because as they so perfectly put it,"these tunes are just are just a little showcase of what's to come..."
Click on the image below to watch the exclusive teaser video for 'Phase Me'

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