Tuesday, September 30, 2014

REVENGE OF THE MEKONS : U.S. Premiere @ Film Forum + Mekons Symposium @ Columbia

Photo:  Frank Swider

“The Mekons were kind of like the background music of my life.” 
– Jonathan Franzen

“An exemplary documentary about an exemplary band. A compelling look at why this particular band of ruffians has continued to remain so important for its devoted followers since their long-ago and almost accidental inception at the height of the punk-rock era."
 – Andrew Schenker, Slant Magazine

Film Forum is pleased to present the US theatrical premiere of Joe Angio’s exuberant documentary, REVENGE OF THE MEKONS, beginning Wednesday, October 29. According to renowned music critic Lester Bangs: “The Mekons are the most revolutionary group in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. They are also the finest artists ever to have graced this admittedly somewhat degenerate form with the grace of their aesthetic sensibilities, rarefied as a glimpse through a butterfly’s wing.”
A genre-defying collective who emerged from the 1977 British punk scene, The Mekons progressed from a group of socialist art students from Leeds (England) with no musical skills to the prolific, raucous progeny of Hank Williams. The film follows their improbable history – a surprising and influential embrace of folk and country music; forays into the art world (collaborations with Vito Acconci and Kathy Acker); and consistent bad luck with major record labels. Among the celebrated fans who appear on screen to testify to the power of their music and their artistic innovations are authors Jonathan Franzen (The Corrections) and Luc Sante (Low Life), musician/actor Will Oldham, film director Mary Harron (I SHOT ANDY WARHOL), comedian/musician Fred Armisen, and rock critic Greil Marcus (Mystery Train). REVENGE OF THE MEKONS reveals how, four decades into an ever-evolving career, The Mekons continue to make bold, unpredictable music while staying true to the punk ethos.
REVENGE OF THE MEKONS will play for one week, October 29 – November 4, at Film Forum, 209 W. Houston St (W. of 6th Avenue), with screenings daily at 12:30, 2:45, 5:00, 7:15, and 9:30.

Mekons-related events in NYC on opening week:
After-party concert by Mekon Jon Langford at Bell House 
in Brooklyn on Wed, Oct 29 at 9pm.
Go to www.thebellhouseny.com  for tickets/more info.

 Mekons Symposium at Columbia University 
Thurs, Oct 30 at 7:30 pm. 
Panelists include: Langford, Vito Acconci, Mary Harron, Jonathan Franzen, Greil Marcus, & Luc Sante. Free and open to the public. At Buell Hall, Maison Francaise (via main entrance, 2960 Broadway).

 * * * * * *
REVENGE OF THE MEKONS (2013, 95 mins.) Produced and Directed by Joe Angio. Co-producer: Jessica Wolfson. Editor: Jane Rizzo. Cinematographer: Jean-Louis Schuller. Featuring The Mekons: Jon Langford, Tom Greenhalgh, Susie Honeyman, Sally Timms, Rico Bell (Eric Bellis), Lu Edmonds, Steve Goulding, Sarah Corina. USA. A Music Box Films Release.

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