Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Watch Arp's "Pulsars e Quasars" Video | New EP Out Sep. 23 On Mexican Summer

Alexis Georgopoulos (aka Arp) has always approached recordings with a conceptual bent. He has a penchant for doing the unexpected and refusing to take part in the fleeting pop trends of the given day in favor of pursuing a more adventurous trajectory. Throughout his musical career, he's consistently treaded a path that connects the art and design world with pop. His newest project, the "Pulsars e Quasars" EP, out September 23rd on Mexican Summer, draws a link to Arp's earlier cosmic synth work, albeit reclaiming and redefining it in a pop songwriting context. After initially sharing the blissed-out psychedelic pop of the EP's title track, Arp is now sharing the visual accompaniment via the video directed by experimental filmmaker Paul Clipson. In addition to this video, Arp and Clipson have been collaborating with RO/LU on the interactive"In Waves" exhibit, now showing at the Jack Hanley Gallery in New York. "In Waves" features a sound installation by Arp, moveable sculptures by RO/LU and a 16mm film by Clipson. Head over to Cool Huntingfor an inside look at "In Waves" and the "Pulsars e Quasars" video.


"I've always felt the song had an autumnal quality. More cobblestone than beach. But Paul puts us on the beach, just before fall, when summer is still present, a time we have a hard time realizing is still here because we know what comes next. The opening section, with the phased guitar and the beach scene, even feels rather surf-y! Paul does his editing in-camera, as he shoots. It's very of the moment in that way - essentially the opposite of digital post-production. It can be overwhelming at first. Just a lot of bright movement, going by at hyper speed. But the quality of the film has a softness to it, like a lens into a dream. It's sort of like walking down stairs. If you start thinking about what you're doing, you might trip. You sort of have to trust yourself, remember that you've done this before and you'll be fine, which in this case means leaning back and letting the images whirl by.

My favorite section centers on the bridge, beginning around 2:45. The imagery shifts entirely and the double and triple-exposures are just stunning." -- Alexis Georgopoulos (aka Arp)

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