Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Three.One.G label joins US/THEM group roster, announcing new releases for Fall 2014

Three.One.G label joins US/THEM group roster, announcing several new releases for Fall 2014
Listen to & share various Three.One.G tracks HERE.
San Diego intrepid underground punk label  Three.One.G joins the US/THEM group roster today, announcing several new releases for the coming months. These include new singles from label founder and head Justin Pearson's bands Retox and All Leather, as well as new material fromQuiDoomsday Student (ex-Arab On Radar) and Warsawwasraw

The label, now in its 20th year, cut its teeth with releases by The Blood BrothersThe Locust,Black DiceMoving Units and more. And, it continues to explore a wide variety of unique experimental hardcore punk-based sounds with the announcement of the following upcoming releases (all tracks cleared for posting):

All Leather "Insufficient Apology" 7" single. Pearson's electronic-aggro outfit's latest. Listen/shareHERE. Out September 23rd. 

Qui / Secret Fun Club split 7" single. L.A. weirdo avant duo Qui shares another of its perfectly crafted pop/noise/art tunes along with San Diego bass and drum duo Secret Fun Club's (featuring Some Girls drummer Sal Gallegos) heavy rhythms. Listen to/share Qui's "Feel My Body" HEREand Secret Fun Club's "Pinche Harmonics" HERE. Out September 23rd. 

Doomsday Student A Walk Through Hysteria Park LP. Former Arab On Radar and The Chinese Stars members reconvene for more ferocious noise spasms. Listen to/share "Lifeboat Blues"HERE. Out October 21st. 

Warsawwasraw Sensitizer LP/CD. Hyperspeed frantic vocal/guitar/drum rage while still retaining power and sense for memorable riffs is the impressive calling card of this duo. Listen to/shareHERE. Out November 18th. 

Narrows / Retox 7" EP. Underground supergroup Narrows -- featuring members of These Arms Are SnakesUnbrokenBotch and Bullet Union -- bellow forth unprecedented brutality. Pearson's Retox powerhouse likewise erupt like never before. Listen to/share Narrows' "Ride The Lion" HERE and Retox's "This Should Hurt A Little Bit" HEREOut December 2nd. 

More information about individual releases, tour dates, back catalog and anything else Three.One.G to come soon. Please get in touch about anything Three.One.G related. 

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