Monday, September 15, 2014

The Paperhead - 'Africa Avenue' - Out on November 11th via Trouble in Mind

The Paperhead was formed in 2009 by three childhood friends (Ryan Jennings, Walker Mimms & Peter Stringer-Hye) who took their inspiration from the lysergic rumblings of the latter day U.K. psychedelic era’s Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, and July. The inspiration for the band’s name comes form a lyric in July’s tune “My Clown.”

After honing their chops live in the DIY Nashville scene & throwing their own “happenings” replete with liquid light show, the band recorded their debut albumFocus In On The Looking Glass in 2010 (released on cassette-only by Infinity Cat, later re-released by Trouble in Mind on vinyl in 2011). The band immediately set to work recording the follow-up themselves in their home studio (with inspiration and guidance from close friend Jeffrey Novak of Cheap Time.) After an anonymous submission based on the advice from Novak, the band sent the mastered album to Trouble In Mind, who released the s/t album in 2011. The Paperhead is a suite of tunes centered around getting older and moving on (the friends would briefly part ways to attend colleges, reconvening in the summers to write and record).

Former “spiritual advisor” Matt McQueen joined the live band on organ/keys and a follow-up single “Pictures of Her Demise” was released by Trouble in Mind in 2012 & the band toured the USA twice.

Africa Avenue (out on 11/11) is the new album, named after the street the band hung-out on as children, and was written and recorded by the group themselves in early 2014 in bassist Stringer-Hye’s garage. Still taking inspiration from the psychedelic era, Africa Avenue finds the band expanding their musical palette, incorporating elements of avant-pop, “cosmic country”, acid folk, and krautrock into the mix, making this album their most focused & original set of tunes to date.

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