Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hey East Coast! FRIGHTWIG is Coming to Town NEXT WEEK with Jane Lee Hooker!

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Hey East Coast! FRIGHTWIG is coming to your neck of the woods, touring the East coast starting next week with Jane Lee Hooker out of Brooklyn. Get ready to rock it heavy and hard with these women! Here are the dates:

Mon 9/8 – Brooklyn, NY - The Knitting Factory
Tues 9/9 – Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
Weds 9/10 – Long Branch, NJ – The Brighton Bar
Fri 9/12 – Baltimore, MD – The Sidebar
Sat 9/13 – Washington, DC - We Are Women Constitution Day Rally, West Lawn, Capitol Building

See what the West Coast rock people are saying about seeing FRIGHTWIG’s live show:

“What fool said there are no second acts in American lives? FRIGHTWIG, the great femme-psych band of the pre-grunge, pre-grrrl riots, are back with their wits, talons, and riffs as sharp as ever, ready to shred the lies and liars of the, sadly, still-raging war on women.”-- Evelyn McDonnell, Write and Author of Queens of Noise: The Real Story of the Runaways

“More valid in today's world than the one in which they created all things riot... FRIGHTWIG are a wallop of power and love and smarts and sexy, all in the way only a city like San Francisco can deliver....”
-- Roddy Bottom, Imperial Teen and Faith No More
“Hallelujah Brothers and Sisters! FRIGHTWIG is back and bringing their rock and roll message of freedom and empowerment to all. I've borne witness to this revival and it is a glorious thing to behold. Long live FRIGHTWIG!”
-- Steven McDonald, of Redd Kross & OFF

“FRIGHTWIG, the sound that LSD makes in your head!”
-- Bob Clic, the Lewd, Rubber City Rebels

“FRIGHTWIG is fun and cynical and thoughtful and they rock. I love hearing the old songs played with just as much ferocity as ever. The new songs have the FRIGHTWIG sound - gritty and irreverent with great pop-music elements. XO to FRIGHTWIG forever!”
-- Lynn Perko-Truell, Imperial Teen, Sister Double Happiness, Dicks

“Until I saw a picture of FRIGHTWIG, I had no idea they were all girls. FRIGHTWIG rocks it hard.”
--Buzz, The Melvin’s

"I remember those girls when they were all kids, they never did grow up, they just look older, but they still like their music and so do I.”
-- Ted Falconi, Flipper

FRIGHTWIG has widely been credited as one of the most original, intense and fearless feminist bands by musicians, critics and fans alike.

After taking a hiatus from live performance, FRIGHTWIG has now returned with a vengeance to the center stage. Presenting an all-star line-up which features founding members Deanna Mitchell (the Mouthiest Woman Alive) on bass, “they broke the mold” Mia d’Bruzzi on guitar and secret weapon “Saint” Cecilia Kuhn on drums. Frightwig has taken a man into the fold, this is the legendary Eric Drew Feldman who has recorded, performed, produced and toured with Captain Beefheart, Snakefinger, Frank Black, Pere Ubu, PJ Harvey and Knife & Fork amongst others. Frightwig has never sounded better.

Check out FRIGHTWIG’s new video “War On Women” on YouTube, released July 2014, which will be available as a self-released vinyl 7” along with the new song “Hear What I Say,” and will be distributed by MRI Entertainment on September 16, 2014.

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Twitter @DeannaFrightwig ~ @cfrightwig

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