Thursday, September 18, 2014

Black Strobe Releases Video "For Those Who Came…" on Thump!

"French electroclash titans Black Strobe have released their latest video, and we're happy to see that it does indeed live up to our expectations with plenty of actual strobe effects." - Thump

"Godforsaken Roads boasts Black Strobe's trademark electronic twist on traditional blues sounds and is propelled by Rebotini's deep, Nick Cave-esque growl." - USA Today

"It’s a little Depeche Mode, a little Nick Cave, and some Johnny Cash, but all surprisingly dancey, something that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone familiar with the band’s back catalog." - AV Club

"The Parisian quartet opts for synths instead of guitars, but singer Arnaud Rebotini's vocals are set in rockabilly." -Pure Volume

Dark and brooding as ever, electroclash godfather Black Strobe (Arnaud Rebotini) is back with the video of "For Those Who Came To Earth," debuting on Thump.

Click here for video.

On October 6th, 2014, Black Strobe will release his second album, Godforsaken Roads. The record confirms Rebotini’s rock sensibility and debt to the great American tradition of songwriting, with songs touching on the classic themes of the blues - the randomness of life, the very weight of existence and the strong emotions that run just below the surface (love, lust, loneliness…). He plunges into this world of the bayou, prison and the devil with real passion and the voice of crooner often compared to Iggy Pop or Nick Cave.

However, don’t think that Godforsaken Roads is all retro - in fact it’s bang up to date, using electronics, sometimes even of a disco slant, to give Black Strobe its futurist dimension. The album allows Arnaud Rebotini to capture the spirit of America’s cowboy era and transport it to the present day with resolutely modern production, much like the spirit of the blues that seeps from the music of electro-pop idols Depeche Mode.

With this new album, layered and feverish, the group is back with renewed faith in the power of the blues and a passion for motivating beats.

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