Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kelela shares new song with Le1f and P Morris

Illustration by Daniela Anastassiou | Design by FRANC/FERNANDEZ
STREAM: "OICU" ft. Le1f [prod. P Morris] - https://soundcloud.com/kelelam/oicu/

Kelela collaborated with NYC-based rapper Le1f and LA-based producer P Morris to give us "OICU".  Stream the song above and catch her on the cover of Wax Poetics and Bad Day Magazine's current issues.
About Kelela:

Kelela Mizanekristos is a Los Angeles-based vocalist and songwriter, born and raised outside of Washington DC. KELELA never received formal vocal training in her youth; instead she experimented with a range of vocal styles before finding her own sound in the music emerging out of LA's underground, catching the attention of LA-based producer and Fade to Mind label head Kingdom, leading to their recent anthem "Bank Head."
Kelela's debut mixtape, the 13 track CUT 4 ME, features production from Fade to Mind and Night Slugs artists Bok Bok, Kingdom, Girl Unit, Nguzunguzu, Jam City and Morri$, melding the collective's signature production with Kelela's songwriting, songs equally at home in the club as in the bedroom.
Confronting both the ecstatic highs and painful lows of relationships, CUT 4 ME is a deeply personal body of work that establishes Kelela's unique vision for songwriting and production. Situated in a universe where R&B and Pop conventions are both celebrated and challenged, Kelela's songs are the result of her passion for the synergy between the vocalist, producer, and DJ. What started as a small batch of vocal freestyles over existing instrumentals grew into a full fledged suite of collaborative productions. After hearing those initial demos, the producers supplemented with new tracks and CUT 4 ME was born.

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