Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tetherball announces "Whimsy" for October 28 release

Artist: Tetherball
Album: Whimsy
Label: self-release
Release date: Oct. 28, 2014


Track Listing:
01. Bootss
02. Puzzles
03. Vegetarian
04. Don Jamble (Sundown)
05. Hometown
06. Spring Chicken
07. Boulderado
08. Absinthe
09. Gilded Rings
10. Timely Doctor
Upcoming show:
10.06 - Nashville, TN
High Watt - 8PM
"Tetherball's brand of catchy rock and roll is equal parts the Cars and the White Stripes."

"Tetherball's music recalls the sound of Beck... as well as Spoon, The Beatles and Queens of the Stoneage."
12th and Broad

Nashville's Steve Voss announces release of debut album as Tetherball.

Stream first single "Bootss" on Soundcloudor where it premiered at PopMatters.

Atop a hill overlooking the Nashville valley, surrounded by industrial wasteland, sits what appears to be a paramilitary fortress. Massive, unnameable machines rust in the fields nearby, while a lone American flag adorns its concrete parapet. Inside, you will find the caverns of an abandoned steel-manufacturing multiplex, and one man: Steve Voss. In the adjacent cavern of a warehouse, a lone drum set and studio lights are set within 80,000 square feet of empty space. This is how Voss operates his studio, and where he conjures the sonic structures of his culminating project, Tetherball.
Tetherball’s smart pop sensibility ranges from terse, high-stepping Spoon-informed riffs to swimmy introversion that would be quite at home on a Beck record. “It’s really fun and interesting, the combination that words and ideas can have with a soundscape… like the score of a film.” Literature and philosophy figure heavily in the Tetherball plot. While some lyrical characters are born from real-life friends and experiences, others enter the songs from the realm of fiction. Of note is Philip K. Dick’s dystopian sci-fi, which forms the basis for more than one Tetherball narrative. 
With Tetherball, Steve Voss revels in new-found creative freedom and self-discovery, pursuing the full growth of the musical seeds he has cultivated over past years. As he constructs his own work, he continues to record and produce other artists through his ownSolar Cabin Studios. Appropriately titled Whimsy, the full-length record will release October 28, 2014 along with a number of special music videos and extras.

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