Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dan Bodan shares new song + LP due 10/28 via DFA

Credit: Julia Burlingham
LISTEN: "Jaws of Life" - 

Berlin-based singer and producer Dan Bodan is proud to share the Stadium-produced "Jaws of Life" which, along with the previously-released single "Soft As Rain", will appear on his debut LP, Soft. Scroll down to view the album art designed by famed-artist Julien Ceccaldi who currently graces the cover of Artforum's Summer issue. The album will be available on October 28th via DFA records and a limited edition vinyl pre-order will soon be available here.


LISTEN: "Soft As Rain" -

About Dan Bodan:

"I write about the things I know, but it should be interesting for other people. So i want it to be like a really great roman-a-clef, or reading your older sisters diary." - Dan Bodan

Berlin based songwriter Dan Bodan was born in the wide open Canadian prairies and raised in Montreal. Reared on the city's underground noise and experimental music scene, Bodan moved to Berlin 8 years ago. Blossoming in the city's unique mixture of crumbling old-world european values, start-up philanthropy, sleepless techno and epic grey skies, he began writing songs to soundtrack his train rides through the city and make sense of it all. 

Working together with a team of world-class producers, poets and artists, he writes songs to fit comfortably in that space between the finger and the mousepad, the bedroom and the club, the earth and the ether.

"He blows in like a sweet guardian angel over the beat, making a track so light it feels almost like daylight peeking into a dark nightclub."
- The Fader

"The real star is his voice, which quivers as it rises and falls through each line, powerful but slightly fragile"
- Resident Advisor

"a haunted listen, placing tremulous vocals over spacious, post-dubstep electronics"
- Spin Magazine

"Berlin is the land of techno, but the Canadian-born Bodan has harnessed the digital culture of German music to create delicate takes on drum and bass; jazz that at times sounds like Cool legend Chet Baker; and minimal vocal pop."
- Vogue

"Soul Music for Hackers"
- Unicorn Kid

Dan Bodan
(October 28th, DFA)
1. A Soft Opening
2. Anonymous
3. Romeo
4. Soft As Rain
5. For Heaven's Sake (Let's Fall in Love) <3 div="">
6. Reload
7. Jaws of Life
8. Rusty
9. Catching Fire
10. Good Time Summer

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