Thursday, August 28, 2014

THE FUROR - Black/Thrash/Death attack from Australia

This is gnarly, vehement Black/Death/Thrash Metal from a country that knows how it's to be done. Riffing and music takes precedence over anything else and the result is overwhelming. One-man army Disaster/Louis Rando is just going for the kill. This is instantly reminiscent of early Destroyer 666Angelcorpse/Order from ChaosMorbid AngelHate Eternal and of course Impiety. The raging intensity is comparable to the adrenaline-pumped Brazilian bands like Krisiun and its peers, whereas the thrashy edge is vicious, toxic and lethal. The drumming is unreal, Dizazter's main talent. The Furor is a byword for intensity and the band releases what's evidently its best and most accomplished album yet. 

Track Listing -
1. Hammer Hierarchy          
2. Inferno Fortificaion           
3. Summoned Obscurity      
4. Seven Trumpets (Ceaseless Armageddon)          
5. Corpse Eclipse      
6. Diabolic Liberation           
7. Black Sorcerer of Sadism           
8. Show No Mercy     (Slayer cover)
9. The Pentagram Prevails          

Total Playing time - 43:53

The Furor Bandcamp

Label - Self Released

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