Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Amatorski Release "from clay to figures" Today, Watch + Share "Fragments"; Also Premiered on NPR's All Songs Considered

Watch + Share “Fragment”, Also Premiered on NPR's All Songs Considered
"Suffice it to say, this record’s United States release couldn’t come any sooner." - PopMatters

"A beautiful animated video...a wonderful introduction to this dreamy band."
 – NPR
"The album, which in true post-rock fashion spans a whole range of soundscapes, brings to mind the placid, dreamy reveries of Sigur Rós." - PopMatters
A mesmerizing young Belgian band, Amatorksi are releasing their highly anticipated second album from clay to figures today via Crammed Discs. Their latest video for the track “Fragment” contains gorgeous animation that reveals two faceless figures maneuvering both mountains and cityscapes; watch it HERE via NPR.
With their trademark melancholy and elegance, from clay to figures is an inspiring collection of captivating, beautifully-crafted soundscapes. Courtesy of PopMatters, you can listen to the record in its entirety HERE.

The album appears in the wake of an eventful 2013, which saw the international release of their debut, tbc, a series of tours around Europe (which brought them an ever-growing crowd of devoted followers), and the launch of their award-winning interactive online project "Deleting Borders", as well as the composition of several soundtracks.
from clay to figures  is full of ominous synths, driving bass, and trance-inducing layers. A lo-fi feel with ambient textures, “Hudson” will instantly pull you in and is a fresh start to this intentionally stripped down album. Amatorski’s new songs sound less secretive, more open and hopeful.
The new album was created over the course of last year. During a couple of months, a new batch of songs was molded in a variety of places, at home, in the band's studio and on the road. Songwriter Inne Eysermans searched for solitude and seclusion in New York and Hamburg to work on sketches and new ideas and sent them to guitar player Sebastiaan Van den Branden, who added new layers and sounds. Through their continuous interplay, the new songs gradually took their definitive form.
Songs such as “She Became A Ballerina” and “Warszawa” are six-minute long emotional stories that feel raw and straight from Inne’s isolated workspace. Halfway through “Warszawa”, we are introduced to a slow build starting with a crisp distant sounding snare that eventually unravels into a deep bass and emotional guitar riff.
The album ends with heartbreakingly transparent and intimate, “Unknown”. Inne’s easing and lulling voice wonderfully brings this delicate and carefully crafted album to a close.

As a band, Amatorski are constantly going through a growth process; on the edge of knowing and not knowing, a story unfolds, abstract thoughts become concrete and a new musical landscape takes shape. Amatorski naturally keep their eyes on the future, without trying too hard to be futuristic. As artists, they not only meticulously elaborate their songs, but are also continually remodeling their own musical identity.

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