Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Aussie/Brooklyn duo City Walls Autumn Falls releases "Factory" today; shares new single!

"The sound of the album’s lead single, “Let Love” really illustrates the sound of the area. Similar to Bob Dylan‘s Basement Tapes, the acoustic track gets the earthiness and unpredictability of live recording while embracing Americana songwriting at its best." -Surviving The Golden Age

"We’ve always been ones to challenge ourselves. For us, imperfection is perfect."

On Factory, City Walls Autumn Falls wanted to record the album themselves, having been especially inspired by Bob Dylan's live recording process. Some doubters advised against it, calling them crazy for having no prior recording experience of this kind. But for the band, it felt right. Their vision for the album was to extract and amplify the raw energy of each song, to capture that feeling of seeing a great song live with a drink in hand and a good friend by your side.

So in December the three members (Dave, Anthony and engineer Reed Kendall) hauled their gear to a lone (possibly haunted) barn in Woodstock, NY. There, they played until right take came out. The whole process was extremely organic and definitely comes across in the final songs.

"We can only hope the love and energy we put into this is felt by all who cross paths with it. If you get that 'four fingers of whiskey and a great record on the turntable' feeling, then our mission is accomplished." Said David from his home in Brooklyn.

Led by brothers Anthony and David Gill, City Walls Autumn Falls represents a fresh force in the Folk music world. Together they write the kind of songs that take residence in the head and heart, mixing raw emotion with powerful, almost Viking-like guitar playing. Valhalla meets Big Pink.

From their earliest days, Anthony and David dedicated themselves to their music, playing and practicing until their fingers bled. After extensive touring in their home country of Australia, they traversed ocean after ocean to make Brooklyn their home. There, they carved out a cult-like following among New York natives and transplants alike.

Their story as a band reached its peak that week in December, in a possibly (OK, definitely) haunted cabin in Woodstock, NY. There, they broke the rules and let the music come out as it was meant to. Full of haunting melodies, heartstring-plucking lyrics and live energy, Factory is ready to rub and tug your eardrums June 24.

To support the album, City Walls Autumn Falls will continue to play live in New York City before venturing out to claim new territories. So get on this bandwagon early, and get on it fast. There’s a storm-a-brewing, and it’s Autumnal.

Press for City Walls Autumn Falls:

"What you hear in “Sheltered Me” is a sincerity that is hard to fake. The group is going for that feeling you get when you have a great record on the turntable and can just sit back. With their duel harmonized vocals going strong on this track, it seems that they are on the right path to accomplish that goal." The Fire Note

"For their new album "Factory," they went to the same Woodstock, New York hills that inspired some of Bob Dylan and the Band's greatest work. The track "Sheltered Me" proves the trip wasn't just a random errand into the folk wilderness." - KDHX

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