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ATL's Magicicada shares new track at Wondering Sound + tour dates :: New LP out this month :: RIYL: Wolf Eyes, Melt Banana, Faust, Black Dice

Atlanta noise auteur Magicicada's new LP Wrack with Ruin is out now via Mission Trips

On tour w/ Faun and a Pan Flute

"Glancing Off the Edges" via Wondering Sound
"a riveting, jittery assemblage of blurts and bleeps and clicks and whirrs, a song that sounds like two machines trying and failing to communicate with one another. Weird, warped and wonderful, “Glancing Off the Edges” is an electro-dada triumph."
- Wondering Sound

"Once I Was a Little Light" via Impose
"On our premiere of "Once I Was a Little Light", Chris is joined by Nathan Brown from Hopi Torval, and Tree Creature to provide some organ notes over a pool cue drum progression that tap-dances through the digitized decay. Between the quick hitting drum stems, foley recordings of surface noise twist like wet towels, echoing through dub effects, all the while marrying the analog and binary biospheres through caught audio clippings exploded into new fragments of light." - IMPOSE

Magicicada is the long-running noise-drone-collage project of Chris White, an unhinged auteur based south of the Mason-Dixon, where experimental music belies any contextual cues, be it cultural, contextual, temporal, or geographic.
Magicicada’s aural approach is a unique & indiviualized display of absurdist technique and frazzled mania. Listen and give the intial hit a chance to permeate your system and see the bigger picture: everything is here for a reason.
The 1.5-decade-young project has seen White deploy experimental distribution methods (hiding editions in Tower Records CD bins, newspaper stands, and public restrooms or taped to the sides of buildings with a phone number that went directly to an answering machine, whose messages later appeared as source material for other recordings) and listener participation extremes (hiding clues and interactive maps around Atlanta for listeners to experience sound with their own devices.) These artful guerrilla techniques culminated in 2006 with the release of Magicicada’s psych-electro-ambient masterpiece,Everyone is Everyone, issued via Public Guilt.
"Strange, unsettling, but oddly optimistic, it's the musical equivalent of a Bruce Conner sculpture." - PopMatters

"Like the monotonous, summertime thrum of the cicada, there is something disquieting, yet strangely assuasive… incredibly enigmatic… delicate ambient passages with harsh, edgy soundscapes." Tiny Mix Tapes

June Tour
June 19 — Atlanta, GA @ Elliot St. Pub
June 20 — Asheville, NC @ Broadway’s w/ Ant’lrd & Merryl
June 21 — Burnsville, NC @ Snaggy Mountain
June 22 — St. Louis, MO @ BANK Projects
June 23 — Champaign, IL @ Instutite for Creativity w/ i/o Mining Corp
June 24 —Chicago, IL @ Connie’s Plank House w/ Ant’lrd

June 25 — Pittsburgh, PA @ Abandoned Store w/ Ba’ad Trip and :tropic
June 26 — Philadelphia, PA @ Eris Temple Arts
June 27 — Boston, MA @ Great Scott w/ Guerilla Toss
June 28 — Providence, RI @ The Funky Jungle
June 29 — Brooklyn, NY @ Muchmore’s w/ Trabajo and Cantina
June 30 — Baltimore, MD @ the Copy Cat w/ Murderboats
Wrack is arguably White’s master work, primed by years of ceaseless curiosity and mischievous glee executed both in home studios (be it a bedroom, back porch or cramped laundry room) and in front of bewildered audiences (from Atlanta’s sprawling noise scene to eccentric spaces abroad). Through this dual persona Magicicada wove the compositions on Wrack with Ruin. Live, White is an unbridled force of clear and present improvisation, writhing around an array of electronic ephemera and acoustic accoutrements. The chaos is cathartic; a disarming disarray of sound. At home and behind the curtain, White carefully plots the production, picking out each arranged piece with a surgical precision.
The resulting fifteen tracks of Wrack with Ruin are wholly White, with much of the non-obvious instrumentation having been derived from White’s private library of personally-recorded foley sounds and field recordings developed specifically for the LP. Haphazard rhythms and dense sonic fogs balance the exploratory harmonies and entrancing aural realms on the spectrum of music presented by Magicicada on this set. Wrack with Ruinis a testament to White’s virtuosity, mania, and his relentless devotion to the possibilities of sound.

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