Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Identical Homes Release A. Hydrophelia LP (feat. Daniel of The Rum Diary, Built for the Sea, and Shuteye Unison)!

San Francisco's Identical Homes Release New LP A. Hydrophelia Out Now on Picture Disc from Parks and Records!  

Download & Share The Lead Single "Miles and Miles" (Free Download)

Stream or Purchase A. Hydrophelia on Bandcamp -
To label “A. Hydrophelia” the new album from Daniel McKenzie/Identical Homes, as “electronic” or “post rock” music does not work at all. More like a ride in the musical cockpit flanked by a caffeinated Brian Eno and a giddy Dean Stockwell.  McKenzie’s music bridges the electronic and the organic through warm sonic landscapes under-laid by luminescent beats that shudder like dust flakes pulsated by red camera eyes.
From the crescendoing pop perfection of “The Shape of”; to the legitimate get-down of “Formula”; to the sweeping, clench-jawed epic, “Spirit Come Home;” this is assured, coherent music drenched in the melodic echoes and stains of nostalgia and solitude—the eerie field note transmissions of an exile peering in through the cracks in the kingdom walls. “A. Hydrophelia” is the sweetheart of a busted, golden radio.
Identical Homes (aka Daniel McKenzie of The Rum Diary, Built for the Sea, and Shuteye Unison) crafts his warm and glowing music from the ethers of time, and time likely spent trout fishing and river walking in the greater wilds of Northern California’s Humboldt County. Envision the dusty sounds of Boards of Canada, ambiance of Brian Eno and catchiness of Pinback mixed with samples from Apocalypse Now, Stephen Hawking and a half working CB radio from a decaying Rum Diary tour van, and you’ll have pretty good idea of where Identical Homes is coming from. In this music you will find a soundtrack for daydreaming.

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