Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bunny Michael's New Zine & Mixtape Debuts on Out + EP Release!

Don’t Miss Rainbow Licker Release Party
April 4 @ Baby’s All Right (NYC)

Blends together trip hop and pop as if she was the birth child of a lesbian affair between Lana Del Rey on acid and an even more-hipster Santigold.“ - Out Magazine 

"The EP is a riot grrl, lo-fi witchy rave that lyrically follows fluidity of identity and makes me question what it is to be human, if the dark room around me could be anywhere in the universe, and if screenglow is really just the internet looking back at me." - Browntourage

 "Enough melty edge to make you feel like you're watching porn inside a Salvador Dali painting." - Houston Press

“The track transports Daddy Yankee to the gate of a demonic mirror universe where you’re not sure if you want to party or run for your life.” - Bullett Magazine

“Take some time out of your day to enjoy the wonderfully weird” - Artist Direct

All of her work feeds into one another, as the songs on her upcoming EP, Rainbow Licker, share similar elements of connecting spirituality, the earth and sexuality.” AfterEllen

“I am fond of the deeply odd, occasionally obscene art rap of [Bunny Michael]” - New Yorker

Brooklyn-based art rap goddess Bunny Michael releases her first EP, Rainbow Licker, on Separate Reality Records. Making music for "fornicating in flower beds," Bunny Michael created a cosmic, mystical, sensual cult universe called Nature Slut. Weaving music, visual, and audio collages, Nature Slut is a zinea mixtape, a state of mind.

(photo by Sabina Miklowitz with Browntourage)

Come celebrate being a Nature Slut at The Rainbow Licker EP Release Party  happening at midnight on April 4th, at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn. Bunny invited Nire (Red Bull Music Academy) and Amber Valentine (Scissor Sunday) to DJ this not-to-be-missed show. Want to help promote her art even more?Here is her Go Fund Me campaign.


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