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LAFAWNDAH shares new song via Pitchfork + Announces debut EP due 5/6/14

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Stream: "Butter" -
LAFAWNDAH is proud to share the second single from her self-titled debut EP. "Butter" can be streamed above and follows up on the previous single "Chili". LAFAWNDAH co-produced both songs alongside Porto-based producer Emily King aka Garagembanda at the studio of seminal zouk producer Jean Claude Bichara in Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean. Pitchfork writes, "Crunking bones, banging teeth and dropping spit: 'Butter' summons up a raw vision of sex that's wholly liberating-and infectious, as the airbrushed fantasy is peeled back to reveal the writhing reality of intertwined limbs."
Stream: "Chili" -
For her debut release LAFAWNDAH collaborated with her Porto-based producer friend Garagembanda. The pair wrote and recorded the debut self-titled EP on the island of Guadeloupe in the studio of old-school zouk producer Jean Claude Bichara. Garagembanda met Jean Claude Bichara a year earlier and created the track "Jungle Exit" (also on the EP) and gave the song to LAFAWNDAH to sing over. It was at the start of her solo musical exploration and the something clicked. So in late 2013 the pair went back for a month long lock in at Jean Claude's studio. Here 
they let the island surroundings guide the EP's sounds and themes. The experience brought to the forefront thoughts of coexisting worlds and tropical forces. And the multigenerational, multi-cultural collaboration brought a natural intensity to the tracks. The result is the merger of the musical culture of the carabies with LAFAWNDAH's sultry soul searching vocals set against tribal rhythmic beats to create a ritualistic techno-tinged pop. 

Born in Tehran and raised in Paris, the New York based singer and producer LAFAWNDAH cut her musical teeth as a member of Nidada, an all-girl group she founded with friends in Mexico City in 2011. She has been performing solo since late 2012 including stints during Art Basel Miami Beach, Glenn O'Brien's recent TV Party revival and LA's infamous Mustache Monday. 
LAFAWNDAHS vocal stylings invite comparisions to the beauty and seduction of Sade voice while the confidence, empowered sexuality and self-granted freedom evoke the energy of Grace Jones. While these reference come to mind LAFAWNDAH has staged an entirely new musical landscape to explore.
"Chili" is the first we're hearing of the EP, and its heat is immediately present; the percussion hums and swarms around the hypnotizing beat, evoking an almost-oppressive tropical humidity. Sweetly undeterred, as if lost in her own internal world, LAFAWNDAH's voice rises clean above it."
"quixotic", "animal", "gender-fluid", "sincere", and "thumping"... "LAFAWDAH's music is like good sex: the perfect balance between sweet and rough."

(May 6th, self-released)

1. Jungle Exit (prod. by Garagembanda)
2. Butter (prod. by Lafawndah & Garagembanda)
3. Chili (prod. by Lafawndah & Garagembanda)
4. Tango Down (prod. by Lafawndah & Garagembanda)

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