Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thine reveals "The Dead City Blueprint" cover art, track listing

YORKSHIRE, UK - Thine, the enigmatic UK dark rock/prog quintet, has revealed the cover art and track listing for its third studio album, The Dead City Blueprint, to be released in North America on May 13 via Peaceville Records. The Dead City Blueprint can be pre-ordered now through the Peaceville webstore at:

Commented the band:

"We've been toiling away for over a decade on shaping our latest monster. It has been such a long and grueling process with countless collapses and relapses and a traumatic voyage on numerous levels, but this opus is finally in the flesh so to speak. It is an encapsulation of all those glorious tragedies we all find ourselves overcoming along the way, and essentially for us, a welcome catalyst. Sometimes the best art comes only through being unexpectedly forced through the city's darkest avenues, so hope you'll find us there."

The Dead City Blueprint, the long overdue follow-up to the acclaimed 2002 album, In Therapy, was recorded at the hallowed and legendary Academy Studios (Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride). The 10-track offering sees the band build upon the sublime hooks and dark existential themes from prior works. 
1. Brave Young Assassin
2. Flame to the Oak
3. Out of Your Mind & into a Void
4. To the Precipice
5. The Dead City Blueprint
6. A Great Unknown
7. The Rift
8. The Beacon
9. Scars from Limbo
10. Adrift Through the Arcane Isles of Recovery
Having formed in 1995 in Yorkshire, UK with the core trio of Alan Gaunt, Paul Groundwell and Daniel Mullins (currently handling drum duties with My Dying Bride), Thine initially burst onto the scene in 1997 with the release of the atmospheric prog/doom 'Journeys' demo tape. The debut album of boundary-warping metal noir, A Town Like This, appeared on Peaceville the following year. Thine's most accomplished work to date, In Therapy, saw light of day a full four years later and showcased a more sleek and immediate sound, bringing comparisons to other dark and emotional acts such as Katatonia and Anathema. The updated band line-up is completed by Dylan Rhodes on rhythm guitar and Richard Swift on bass.

Stay tuned for more information on Thine and The Dead City Blueprint.


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Paul Groundwell - Lead Guitar
Alan Gaunt - Vocals
Dylan Rhodes - Guitar
Richard Swift - Bass Guitar
Dan Mullins - Drums

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